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5 Workshops And Classes Where You Can Learn A New Skill

By Urban List Writers
1st Oct 2019


Life is busy. And sometimes we get caught up in the monotony of everyday routine and functions. Coffee, work, gym, sleep. Repeat. But we think it’s time you look at giving that left side of your brain a bit of a workout.

Getting creative is not only a whole heap of fun, but it’s also proven to relieve stress, build self-awareness, strip away inhibition and help you become a better problem-solver.

Here are five epic Sunshine Coast creative workshops to try this year. 

Take Control In The Kitchen With A Cooking Class

One of the most exciting things to hit the Coast in recent years, The Cooking School Noosa is a foodie’s dream. With an array of different cooking classes including French, Mexican, South East Asian, Italian, artisanal bread making and Japanese, there’s a class to challenge every home cook. Launched by local favourite Wasabi, The Cooking School Noosa uses only fresh and local produce, supporting local farmers, fisherman and producers. The best part? You will have a delicious meal to eat at the end and you’ll be able to recreate it again and again. Sign us up. 

Learn To Make Mind-Blowing Cocktails

Consider yourself a bit of a cocktail connoisseur? Or maybe you have some guests coming over that need impressing? Then why not learn how to whip up a mind-blowing cocktail at Miss Moneypenny’s cocktail classes. Renowned for their amazing cocktails, the folks at Miss Moneypenny’s know a thing or two about mixing a stiff drink and they are willing to pass that sacred information on to you. You’ll be a master mixologist in no time. 

Master Latte Art With Clandestino Roasters

Local coffee kings Clandestino Roasters are offering to share some of their expertise and coffee craftmanship with us mere mortals through their latte art course. Totally practical and hands on, this course will show you how to choose the right milk, how to texture milk for latte art and microfoam, and how to pour a heart, tulip and a rosetta. Whether you’re a barista looking to refine your skills, or you’re just looking to up your coffee game, you’ll be serving up Insta-worthy mugs in no time. 

Sip On Wine While You Do Pottery

Located in Nambour, The Pottery Studio not only offers a minimalistic, modern workspace, but also hosts a number of creative classes, perfect for those looking to relax and get their hands a little dirty. Book in for a weekly two-hour pottery session and learn all the tips and tricks. Or, opt for a spontaneous girls’ night—the Wheel & Wine night, where you’ll learn the basics of wheel-throwing while sipping on a glass of wine, is the ideal way to unwind on a Friday night. 

Flex Your Creavity At Art & Imagination School

Founded by the belief that all human beings are intrinsically creative and that releasing your inner-creativity is what helps us all to feel most alive, Art & Imagination School have a unique approach when it comes to teaching art. Providing an organic and individual art curriculum, classes are catered to each student and are guided on basic drawing skills, ensuring a strong foundation before electing a specific direction. Each class follows a weekly focus such as watercolour, oil painting, portrait, still life, impressionism or realism, ensuring students can develop a wide suite of skills and then navigate where their passions lie within the wide world that is art. 

Image Credit: JJ Mendez/Unsplash 

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