Pssst! An Amazing New Vegan Cafe Is Opening In Maroochydore

By Caity Stone
15th Jul 2018

vegan cafe sunshine coast

We’re a lucky bunch on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve got the best beaches, best weather, and direct access to some of the greatest produce in the world. So it would only stand to reason that a renowned chef would make our slice of paradise his very own home. 

And that’s exactly what is happening. Alejandro Cancino, of Urbane fame, is moving to the Coast and opening up his own vegan cafe. This has to be the most exciting culinary news we’ve delivered to you all year. 

With a large and ever-growing vegan community on the Coast, Cancino has decided to make the sea change not only for lifestyle reasons, but also for ethical ones. He is an ardent vegan and has now decided that he no longer will work or serve dishes containing animal products. 

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Cancino will be making the bold and ambitious move to Kuluin, a tiny suburb near Maroochydore, and opening Lola's Pantry. This cute little cafe will seat 30 diners and is sure to set our vegan community on fire. 

vegan cafe sunshine coast

Lola's Pantry will be casual, unpretentious and bursting with plant-based creations that will leave our taste-buds dancing. The cafe will serve brekky and lunch. There are also plans for a restaurant further down the track. (We’re hearing early next year as a possibility). Cancino specifically chose the spot due to its quiet and inconspicuous location. There is a large commercial kitchen also on site where he and his wife will continue to also create food from their vegan line Fenn Foods which is sold throughout various delis across south-east Queensland. Absolutely amaze! 

There is not an exact opening date just yet, however we’ve been assured that the cafe will be open just in time for spring, so set a date in your calendars to around September cause this is going to be MASSIVE. But don’t worry though, once we have an exact opening date you’ll be the first to know. 

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie for The Urban List

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