What We REALLY Think When The Tourists Finally Leave The Sunshine Coast

By Mikaela Burnett
17th Apr 2018


Phew, we're so glad that's over! As much as we LOVE sharing our beautiful piece of paradise with strangers who steal our parking spaces, our natural state is that of an obnoxious local, which means that we love to complain about them WAY more. We can sniff out a tourist better than E! News can hunt down a preggers Kardashian so it's no wonder we get a little passive aggressive come Christmas and Easter time.

Come on, we've ALL been thinking it (some of us have even been saying it). So in the spirit of being petty, obnoxious and slightly superior we've come up with a (brilliant) list of passive aggressive comments that have been dying to leave our face holes since the end of every single holiday season we can remember. 

  1. Oh look, a NSW number plate. I can't wait to never see an indicator and be ten minutes late to this family BBQ. 
  2. Hey, I feel like torturing myself today! Let's go to the Sunshine Plaza.
  3. You're right, the red and yellow flags are just for decoration. 
  4. Here's an idea guys, how about instead of driving 40 kilometres UNDER the speed limit so you can admire the pretty water, how about you PARK YOUR DAMN CAR?! 
  5. Hey, I feel like torturing myself AGAIN! Let's go to Hasting Street. 
  6. Let's have a BBQ dinner down at Mooloolaba! I'll get down there at 5am to score a free barbie, actually better make that 4.30am. 
  7. "Gawd, I wish these holiday-makers would just go home and yes I know my family are visiting from Sydney, thanks Carol. I know what I said." 
  8. Oh look, a South Australian number plate. Let's watch them have no idea how to drive. 
  9. You're not from around here are you? I can tell because your skin is 5 minutes away from cremation. 
  10. I love going for a nice relaxing run along the headland with EVERY PERSON IN AUSTRALIA. 
  11. That's the second time today I've been almost inadvertently decapitated by a selfie stick. Also just please throw away ALL those selfie sticks.
  12. If one more person tells me they've come DOWN from Brisbane I will throw a compass at their head. Don't think I won't! 
  13. Ah it's raining! Kids, what do you want to do today? Go to the shops you reckon?
  14. In the 40 minutes it's taken me to score this car park I've managed to make a mental list of 758 other things I could've done in that 40 minutes. 
  15. Let's organise a spontaneous day trip up to DI! Better line up for the barge at midnight so we can get onto the beach before 10am. 
  16. According to my weather app, tomorrow is perfect for boating. Which means the ocean to boat ratio will be about 1:12 right?! 
  17. Yeah gurl, shake that towel like Taylor Swifts career depends on it! And make sure you shake it out RIGHT next to me, with the wind shooting in my direction! I prefer the crumbed version of myself, always. 
  18. I just saw the most unsettling thing. Somebody literally wore closed-in-shoes to the beach. It was wild! I can't un-see that. 
  19. What do you mean you don't want to pat my dog? Who are you? Satan? 
  20. So turns out that guy is from Melbourne. How do I know? Oh, he told me 40 times.  

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