Brisbane’s Most Luxe Meals

By Catherine Blake
20th Sep 2015

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

When it comes to commemorating special occasions, questions and landmarks, no ordinary dinner will suffice. You want opulent dishes, wine that tastes like nectar and a really, really, really good reason to skip lunch.

This is the indulgent dining from Brisbane's best restaurants that makes our hearts flutter and relieves our wallets of all that spare cash we’ve been hoarding. We’re talking degustations and epic dinners that metamorphose into dawn and turn you into a gastronautical conquistador.

For unparalleled luxuriance, pop corks and questions over one of Brisbane’s finest and most luxurious meals.

9-Course Degustation at The Foraging Quail

New Farm

You know you’re in for a good night when the menu has its own glossary. The Foraging Quail’s 9-course degustation is a drool-worthy smorgasbord of gastronomical wonderment that will take you through pork jowl, rabbit terrine and mushroom duxelle to climax in eight textures of chocolate with a peanut butter log, moss and blood orange sorbet.

Degustation at Anise Wine Room

New Farm

For dates and intimate dinners Brisbane restaurant, Anise is a wondernook of French cuisine. But if it’s European levels of luxe you’re looking for we recommend the 6-course degustation, guaranteed to make your date’s knees weak and unhinge your jaw. One of Brisbane's best restaurants for an opulent night out.

Late Winter Degustation at Restaurant Two


Widely accepted as one of Brisbane's best restaurants, where else are you going to get charred venison tartare or flat grilled quail with acidulated chocolate? Their late winter degustation spans ten courses making Brisbane's Restaurant Two one of our favourite places to play Beelzebub’s advocate.

Dinner at Gauge

South Brisbane

Best known for their breakfasts, Gauge has expanded into dinner service with an array of seriously impressive feasts that’ll really give you something to Instagram about. Think chestnut parfait, baked eggplant with smoked yoghurt, and of course an appearance by their famous black garlic bread.

Malt Dining


Special occasions ought be marked at Malt because their dedicated team are absolute masters of the strong impression. You’ll have barely enough time to savour the palate cleanser before being whammed in the face with the oral ecstasy of Malt’s signature brownie, souped-up with salted caramel and pistachio brittle.


South Bank

When you’re in hot pursuit of a flooring repast, Stokehouse cuts the mustard like a razor blade. Everything from spanner crab, pork terrine and baked goat’s brie to braised quail, Wagyu tartare and panko crumbed gurnard, and for dessert end with the Bombe: frozen white chocolate parfait, strawberry sorbet and toasted meringue.



With a menu boasting smoked duck and fermented garlic, fried apple and black truffle strudel, molasses pretzels, and something called onion kettles, the kitchen at Esquire is no stranger to the strange. If you’re drawn to the idea of edible art that tastes as dazzling as it looks, take your tongue on a trip around Esquire’s sublime menu and you'll understand why this is one of Brisbane's best restaurants.

e’cco Bistro

Fortitude Valley

The OG of Brisbane fine dining, e’cco Bistro has been wooing palates left and right in the city centre since 1995. Special occasions with special people call for e’cco outings and triple servings of their famous baked choc-chip cookie.

Gerard’s Bistro

New Farm

The Middle Eastern wonders that issue forth from the stainless court of Ben Williamson’s kingdom will ruin you for overseas travel. I want to say Gerard’s is perfect to pop the question, but your beloved is probably going to be too preoccupied with the duck fesenjan to give you a second look.



Since sweeping up from Sydney, Sake has consistently bamboozled us with mystical and modern Japanese cuisine, executed with the rapture-inducing finesse of a vorpal blade. Those tantalising plates of popcorn shrimp are MONEY.

Madame Wu


Exquisite and refined in all respects, banquet meals and fine dining reign supreme at Brisbane’s corporate connection for modern Asian. For an impressive feed and a special evening, spend the night on the river under the sultry influence of Madame Wu and her heavenly delicacies.

Bacchus’ Dessert Degustation

South Brisbane

One of the best things about a degustation is the opportunity for multiple desserts, but Bacchus’s dessert degustation has really levelled up with no fewer than five desserts in the one sitting. Clothing optional.

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