30 Extremely Melbourne Things That Happened In 2016

By Millie Lester
21st Dec 2016

man fights kangaroo

Melbourne sure got its freak on in 2016. Here's a list of things to look back on that’ll make you say, “Naww, Melbs, you raw dawg; you keep me young”.

  1. We got our first non-hotel, Notel.
  2. There was a festival purely for the nectar of the gawds–Champagne.
  3. Someone invented savoury ice cream cones.
  4. A should-be Nobel Peace Prize winner invented Chocolate Cheese.
  5. People started putting fairy floss on everything.
  6. We had a festival in celebration of our lawd and saviour; cheese.
  7. Golden Gaytime developed its own food group.
  8. Someone couldn't wait until lunch and invented breakfast ramen.
  9. A fish & chip shop started making deep-fried Nutella balls.
  10. Flaming cockatils became the new espresso martini.
  11. We accelerated our state's growing rate of obesity and adopted S'more Brekkie Waffles.
  12. Some genius put on a dog-friendly festival for all the city's puppers and doggos.
  13. We got our first ever people-powered Urban Winery, Noisy Ritual.
  14. The lawd blessed us with an avocado emoji.
  15. Georgia gave Lee the final rose so she didn't have to move to NSW.
  16. There was a dedicated Gin Festival.
  17. Frosé kicked Rekorderlig slushies to the curb.
  18. Deep-fried food made a comeback (spoiler: it never left).
  19. We all got Khloe-Kardashian-drank on alcoholic icy-poles
  20. Dessert burgers fell down from the heavens and onto our plates.
  21. All our food turned blue.
  22. Someone came to their sense and hosted a hot chocolate festival.
  23. Rainbow lattes became a thing because triple venti soy no foam lattes lost their hipster-factor.
  24. Plain coloured burger buns were so passé.
  25. Falls Festival Lorne tickets sold out faster than Blue Isotonic Powerades on New Year's morning.
  26. We broke very important records and hosted the world’s biggest pizza festival.
  27. Vegan freakshakes became a thang.
  28. Someone painted a mural of that guy punching a kangaroo who attempted to steal his Kelpie in Cremorne.
  29. There was a three-day fried chicken festival, cheese & wine festival, and an oyster festival
  30. French patisserie, Ladurée, landed in Melbourne.

Now that you've experienced all that 2016 had to offer you can focus on the new year, this list of things to do will get you started.

Image credit: Ben Tyers for The Urban List

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