5 New Melbourne Burger Joints To Try This Week

By Ben Tyers
18th Oct 2017


Burgers, Melbourne’s gone mad for them over the past couple of years. You only have to look at burger aficionados like Burgers Of Melbourne to see that there are more burgers in Melbourne than most can keep up with.

We know you like things short and sweet, so if you’re in the mood for a burger this week or weekend, here are 5 new burgers joints in Melbourne that you should be heading to.

Beats Burgers

Essendon North

Have you ever wondered why there’s not a hip-hop inspired burger bar in Melbourne? Well, you can put your mind to rest now, because Beats Burgers is bringing the beats and the burgers.

Beats—as you would expect—have a great selection of classic burgers like their take on the cheeseburger, the Beats Burger which can also be upsized to the Double Beats if you so wish. Their menu is rounded out with a pulled pork option, chicken, a spicy version of the Beats, and, of course, a vego option.

Between 2 Buns


Heading west over the bridge to Williamstown is totally worth your while if you include a visit to Between 2 Buns. They’re known for their perfectly seasons patties—still a little pink in the centre—that are thrown onto creations like The Double which as you can imagine has double beef, double cheese, bacon, lettuce and a blend of mustard and the house B2B sauce. Double the meat sweats.

Burger Road


Fairfield probably isn’t the first suburb that comes to mind when you think of burgers, but Burger Road is out to change that. Their menu ranges from your stock standard sort of burger to additions of Kewpie mayo and sweet onion relish on their ‘Moo’Yahlicos’ and a pesto swirl on the RD chicken burger.

They also offer a range of buns, from the classic milk bun to a black bun, beetroot, and gluten-free seeded.

Butcher’s Diner


Butcher’s Diner is a new 24-hour diner set up in the CBD, so if you’re in need a burger fix at any particular time of the day, this is the spot for you.

The 50’s-style diner has a breakfast menu but also sports an all-day menu featuring the likes of cheeseburgers, a steak sandwich, Japanese fried chicken, and even classic Greek pork skewers from the grill.

The daily specials will also keep you coming back, from the pork belly, fennel sausage on a Monday to the slow roast lamb shoulder on Sunday, you’ve got no shortage of options at any time of the day.

Concrete Boots


Part of the new breed of venues opening on Richmond’s Burnley Street, Concrete Boots takes its name from Melbourne’s old school underbelly of gangsters and those who ended up with a one-way ticket into the Yarra.

Their burger menu has classics like the Squizzy—with beef, cheese and bacon—to the Gambino—with grilled or fried chicken breast—and even an option with Kangaroo in the Glenrowan.

We’re super keen on the Spam Chips, which are exactly what you’d expect—Spam, in chip form.

None of these take your fancy? Here's the full rundown on Melbourne's best burgers.

Image credit: Butcher's Diner | Griffin Simm

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