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6 Ways To Organise A Party Using Only Your Phone

By Ben Tyers
22nd Dec 2016

Whether it’s a Christmas party with family and friends or an end of year work party, this time of year is full of sweet events and plenty of celebrations. But who cbf planning a festive party at this time of year? Well, that thing in your pocket that you're on 90% of the day might be able to help.

To help you throw a bash to remember, we have six simple ways you can plan your big (or small) party in minutes with all the trimmings, even better, using your smartphone!

Your Guests Need To Eat

Take the hassle out of preparing dish upon dish for your guests by getting a local home cook in your local area to whip up a feast instead. FoodByUs is a new platform that connects you with budding chefs who happen to also be your neighbours. The platform is easy to use, offering a range of products from hot dishes to desserts and even for people with special dietary requirements.

Find out more by visiting www.foodbyus.com.au  

They'll Need To Get Soused

Wines and beers are always a crowd pleaser but why not try something fresh and fruity this summer by mixing up a few cocktails to surprise your guests. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional mixologist to know how to make a great drink, simply download Cocktail Flow. This app is designed to help you put together a delicious drink and best yet helps you choose from the alcohol you may already have in your pantry. 

Find out more by visiting www.cocktailflow.com

Give Them Some Live Tunes

Plugging your phone into speakers is always an easy option for music, but if you want to really wow your guests why not hire some live musicians to play in your backyard. Bandaroo, is a new way of bringing bands and parties together. Simply go online, select what type of musician you want and book in the date. You can choose from a range of artists including a cool young guitar player to even a brass ensemble - depends on the party you’re throwing!

Find out more by visiting www.bandaroo.com.au  

Make It Look Profesh

Set the scene with some gorgeous decorations by using a party supplier. Harry the Hirer rents out themed decorations, table settings, even marquees and opulent lighting to make your party look visually amazing. They can even build a custom designed themed party if you wanted to go all out. If you’re lacking inspiration, you can also visit their online showroom and take it from there!

Find out more by visiting www.harrythehireer.com.au

Get Loose

Once everyone is fed and the cocktails are flowing it’s always great to play a party game to get people laughing and screaming at each other! Reverse Charades flips traditional charades on its head. Instead of one person giving clues to a large group, that one person has to guess the word while an entire group is busy acting out the scene. Just think about it - 30 people yelling and acting out clues to one person trying to guess!

Find out more by visiting here

Can't Someone Else Do It?

After all the fun has been had, the last thing you want to do is vacuum and mop for hours to get your home back to normal...so don’t! Why not employ the help of an easy to use cleaning service like Whizz. Whizz is an on demand service allowing you to book a cleaner and tailor your needs. You can even book the cleaner the night before!

Find out more by visiting www.whizz.com.au

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Image credit: Dave Lastovskiy

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