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8 Fabulous Non-alcoholic Cocktails for FebFast

By Sarah Willcocks
18th Feb 2014

Optimistic FebFasters will look at reaching the midpoint of their mission as their glass being half full. Meanwhile, pessimistic challengees might simply see a half-empty fortnight to go. Either way, their proverbial glasses should only contain non-adult beverages.

But sometimes fizzy water just won't cut it and simply avoiding temptation by becoming a hermit throughout February makes anyone a dull boy (or girl). So we've rounded up 8 Fabulous Non-alcoholic cocktails for FebFast, to see you through triumphantly until Parched March.

Don't forget to take a moment to pour one out for the late great Shirley Temple, who passed last week, namesake of possibly the most famous non-alcoholic cocktail of them all.

'GOING GRAPE' – 1806
The fine folk at 1806 have designed a drink specifically for Feb Fastees who may be going a little mad with withdrawals symptoms. Their 'Going Grape' contains cooling smashed red grapes and cucumbers, plus a little agave syrup so you can try to fool yourself that there's tequila in it.

1806 | 169 Exhibition Street in Melbourne

You could get away with drinking Ladro's Feb Fast offering at any time of the day. Their regally dark 'Nero' stars iced black tea from Storm in a Teacup (also a great place to get a decidedly non-alcoholic cuppa while your mates sip mar-tea-nis), spiked only with flavours of orange and rosemary. I feel more hydrated just from reading that recipe. Balance out the healthfulness by ordering one of their famous pizzas while you're drinking.

Ladro | 224 Gertrude Street in Fitzroy & 162 Greville Street in Prahran

The Fitzroy institution has a regular list of simple yet refined tee-totalling concoctions inspired by everything from Italian classics to opera singers to imaginary men. We'd like to sit back with a few Palermitas over lunch; a trinity of pineapple, almond and bitters.

Cutler & Co | 55-57 Gertrude Street in Fitzroy

Chainapple is the delicious pairing of house-made chai spices and pineapple juice at Shebeen. Your lack of hangover isn't the only thing to make you feel better; 100% of this bar's profits go to worthy causes worldwide. It's a very tasty way to double your good karma!

Shebeen | 36 Manchester Lane in Melbourne

There are not many things better than an icy, salty, citrusy margarita (in fact, we might be drinking a couple right now – sorry to tease). Avoid the tequila trap and increase your traditional Mexican drinking repertoire this month and sip on a Horchata. It's a Vampire Weekend song, but also an odd-sounding but pleasantly nutty combo of condensed milk, rice water and warming spices.

Fonda | 248 Swan Street in Richmond & 144 Chapel Street in Windsor

Speaking of margaritas...sometimes classics are classic for a reason. If you're going to go for a traditional taste, you may as well do it in a traditional venue. The Robbie Burns pub is pouring out non-alcoholic margaritas this month only, with 25% of all proceeds going to the Feb Fast cause. They also have boozeless beer and sparkling on offer, but our money's on the margs.

Robert Burns Hotel | 376 Smith Street in Collingwood

Vera's Choice is also our choice of mocktail from banquet kings Red Spice Road. A super chilled-out duo of cucumber and aloe vera juice is livened up with some bubbles and pomegranate molasses. We know you're only ordering it wash down their near-iconic status caramel and black vinegar pork belly.

Red Spice Road | 27 McKillop Street in Melbourne

Why hello Ginger Mojito, you delicious little beauty you. Who knew one of our favourite Feb Fast saviours was to be found in the Docklands? With a peppy taste of mint, kaffir lime and happy-making fresh ginger, you'll hardly notice that – as Jack Sparrow often opines – the rum is gone.

Bar Nacional | 727 Collins Street in Docklands

Main Image Credit: How Sweet it is

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