Check Out These Youtube Channels For Food At Every Mood

By Steff Tan
4th Nov 2017


Can’t cook but love food? Yeah, us too…it sucks. But hey, at least we can watch other people whip up extraordinary dishes and make it look insultingly easy on Youtube #freaks. And as we know with Youtube, everyone’s got a different personality, so here’s a little collection of food channels for every mood.

10/10 recommend putting this on the top of your ‘things to procrastinate with’ list.


Aight, hands down Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish is a living legend because he’s transformed the humble “how-to” Youtube format into a badass combo of devilish humour and mind-blowing chef skills. He also has a “Movies” playlist where he replicates famous movie eats like Ratatouille from Ratatouille, Ross’s Turkey 'moist-maker' sandwich, Julia Child’s bouef bourguignon (10 points if you read that in her voice), and Cubanos from Jon Faveur’s Chef.  Also his voice could make the dictionary sound riveting. Just give him a click, trust me.


Feel like watching something you’d only see on the internet? Look no further than Pocket Resort and if the name hasn’t given it away already, everything is pocket sized. We're talking how to make really tiny burgers with tiny beef patties and tiny knives and tiny frying pans. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself.


And by funny we mean weirdly funny...but kind of cute as well. So Cooking with Dog is an actual Youtube Channel with sous chef pupperino, Francis the Dog. The narration’s a bit funky and a tad dry, but that’s understandable because English isn’t their first language. Also the filming quality is cirqa Iron Chef (the original with subtitles) so get ready to feel weirdly nostalgic with a couple of goofy laughs.


Honestly, is there any better way to cure a rage than watch Gordon Ramsey tear into a chef who doesn’t know how to cook a damn steak? Geez can’t be that hard…Originally a TV series, Kitchen Nightmares has risen from the depths of hell so Chef Ramsey can drop the f-bomb repeatedly over a pathetic mashed potato.


They’re not exactly cooks or proper critics, but the Worth It boys just have us coming back for more with their bromance, puns, and fooooood. Andrew, Steven, and adorable cameraman Adam travel the world tasting the same dish at three drastically different price points to find out which one is worth it at its price (Yes, we've binged my way through their videos so many times I know their intro line off by heart). There’s $8 pasta Vs. $100 pasta and $27 cake Vs. $1,120 cake just in season one.


If you wanna keep the positive vibes going, definitely give How To Cake It a go because you will be shooketh. Every single week, ray of sunshine Yolanda Gampp whips out a novelty cake. Yeah, yeah we know what you’re thinking, “They’ll still look like cakes though” but NO, these look freakishly legit. Check out her watermelon cake to feel trippy, or if you’re feeling patriotic, have a look at the giant Vegemite jar she caked.


Jamie Oliver just gets you—not all of us are genetically blessed to cook, hence his “Quick and Easy Food” playlist. And you’ll know it’s good, because it’s Jamie Oliver-endorsed. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian—whatever your diet, Jamie’s got something for you. Such. A. Lad. Also he busts a lot of food myths, so prepare to have your brain fried.


Suitably named the Peaceful Cuisine, this Japanese Youtube channel takes away all the narrating and poppy music and replaces it with the natural sounds of cooking plus super soothing music. Also the filming is super aesthetic so if you feel like watching something that will lull you into a foodtastic sleep, then you have your channel.   

In other news, ice-cream burgers are now a thing in Melbourne. 

Image Credit: Pocket Resort

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