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A Star Wars-Themed Bar Has Just Popped-Up

By Ange Law
21st Nov 2017


It’s that time of year again, team. A new Star Wars is entering our lives and ICYMI that’s a big freaking deal. A few legends in New York must agree with us, because they've just launched a brand spanking new Star Wars-themed bar. If you sensed a disturbance in the Force this morning, this is probably why (note: feeling may also be caused by Sith conspiracy). 

Taking pride of place on Lafayette Street until 14 January, this pop-up will have nightly parties like themed dance, DJ and trivia nights (we would win, obvs). There will even be speed dating nights, and if there has ever been a simpler way to weed out the Star Wars nay-sayers, we’re yet to hear it. Music wise, it's probably just going to be the Cantina track on endless repeat. We know, we're excited too. 

There are six (you guessed it) Star Wars-inspired cocktails on the menu and they’re all appropriately named—Red Force, Blue Force, The Imperial, The Dark Side, The Galaxy, and The Mindtrick. Shout out to The Dark Side, which is a combination of black vodka (because ‘dark side’, geddit?), fruit extracts, smoke and Annikan's rage. For food, you can expect vegan egg sushi rolls and tentacles on sticks (literally BBQ-glazed octopus skewers). 

The bar will also be popping up in Washington DC and Los Angeles so book your round the world trip now team. May the force...well, you know. 

Image credit: Star Wars

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