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Awesome Eat-at-Home Gourmet Ice Creams

By Clare Acheson
25th Mar 2015

While we love going out for dessert, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than kicking back in our trackies, buffering up some Girls/Game of Thrones/Adventure Time/If You Are The One (hey, don’t knock it…) and chowing down on a frozen treat that’s waiting in our freezers. We imagine that a lot of you Listers love doing the same, so here are our top gourmet ice cream choices designed for at home eating. Pass me a spoon…

Booza Premium Mastic Ice Cream

If you’re wondering what the heck mastic ice cream is, we don’t blame you! The clever people at Booza have taken a Turkish recipe, which includes natural gum from the mastic tree, to create absolutely delicious hand-made gourmet ice cream that takes longer to melt than the usual dairy varieties. The flavours combine fresh, natural ingredients (think figs, sesame seeds and vanilla bean pods) in both dairy and dairy-free versions. Better yet, they do online ordering and home delivery! Home delivery ice cream?! We’ll never have to leave our sofa again…

Pat and Stick’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

Get Tony Abbott on the phone because whoever invented the ice cream sandwich deserves a knighthood, pronto. Pat and Stick’s have perfected the art of the gourmet ice cream sandwich by layering choc-chip, chocolate and almond cookies either side of their oh-so-good ice cream flavours. If single-handed retro treats are your home go-to, then you’ll love these. In fact, some dude loved them so much that he wrote a song about them. They’re available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with stockists in Adelaide, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.

Maggie Beer’s Ice Cream

Maggie Beer. How DOES she do it?! We love just about every one of Maggie’s products, but her gourmet ice creams hold a particularly special place in our hearts. The gourmet dairy products (and when we say dairy, we really mean cream) are stocked all over the country and come in a host of mouth-watering flavours including peanut butter and chocolate ripple, burnt fig, honeycomb and caramel, and affogato, which just so happens to be the perfect accompaniment to a decadent DIY espresso martini. Ms Maggie, we salute you.

Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox

Made in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox’ super-flavoursome natural icy poles (okay, so technically not gourmet ice cream) are the ultimate in nutritious, low-impact, guilt-free treats. Their flavours include organic cherry, lime and mint, pomegranate and blueberry, watermelon and organic chocolate milk, and everything they do gives back to the environment in some way—think degradable cellulose wrappers, orange peels that are turned into calf feed, and promo materials made from recycled snapped surfboards. A stellar at-home dessert choice for the ethically minded that delivers on taste, too.

Homer Hudson

Homer Hudson's eat-at-home tubs are big-hitters that bring together the best ice-cream flavours with all the foodie bells and whistles you can dream of. Don't believe us? Check out the Gold Cadi Crunch—and epic tub of sweet vanilla ice-cream that contains nuggest of choc-toffee crunch. We're also major fans of the Mo Dough, a classic cookie dough flavour that's laced with toffee sauce, milk chocolate cookie dough and white chocolate cookie dough. Dough my God, pass me a spoon!

Zebra Dream Organic Coconut Ice Cream

Asides from having the best brand name we’ve heard in a long time, Zebra Dream make vegan coconut ice cream that’s organic too. The dairy-free ice cream flavours include chocolate hazelnut—‘vegan Nutella in a tub’…um, yes please—salted caramel, chocolate raspberry swirl and choc mint crush, which comes with cacao nibs swirled through it for extra bite! Based out of Melbourne, this vegan ice cream company distributes to Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and ACT—check their website for more info.

Image credit: Booza via Facebook

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