Melbourne, Your Aus Open Themed Burger Has Finally Arrived

By Ben Tyers
17th Jan 2018


Ah yes, we definitely can’t have an event in Melbourne without having a burger based on that event. The AFL finals wouldn’t have been the same without The Merrywell’s Geelong, Richmond, and Essendon creations, and the same can be expected of the Australian Open.

Well, thankfully, as of this week you can now pick up a special edition Baseline Burger from The Duke, The Crafty Squire, Imperial Bourke Street, and The Provincial in Fitzroy.

What is the Baseline Burger you ask? Well, it’s been created by Australian Venu Co. Senior Head Chef Nick Hollands, and features a retina-burning bun that is a shade of fluorescent yellow thanks to a mixture of matcha powder and saffron—no artificial ingredients here—and filled with Australian burger classics like beetroot, pineapple, a beef patty, bacon, a fried egg and, of course, cheese.


The bun was created in collaboration with The Pastry Lounge, “I called up The Pastry Lounge and asked if they could create a custom colour for me, and they were really keen. We went through several batches of buns to get the colour just right” explained Hollands.

The Baseline Burger will set you back $23, and is available during the Aus Open until January 28.

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