50 Of The Best Things We’ve Eaten In 2017

By Ben Tyers
5th Dec 2017


Working at The Urban List means that we get to try a ridiculous amount of food—and because this is Melbourne—the food never stops coming.

So, in aid of you living your best possible life, we’ve put together a list of the best things the Melbourne team has put in their mouth (stop it) this year. So you can follow in our footsteps and start having to order a larger size of pants.

Drill another notch in your belt and check out the best things we’ve eaten in 2017.

  1. The seasonal wild mushrooms from History Cafe in Essendon.
  2. The gnarly schnitzel sanga from Hector’s Deli.
  3. Crumpets with blueberry compote and vanilla mascarpone from Lille Espresso.
  4. The Big Dog sandwich with nduja and salami from Big Dog’s Deli.
  5. Spicy tuna tacos from Sash Japanese on Chapel St.
  6. The outrageous Calentao Rolo bowl from Buenos Dias in Carlton.
  7. Egglab’s crispy AF bacon & egg burgers (with a side of potato gems).
  8. The three cheese toastie with whisky béchamel from Beneath Driver Lane.
  9. The mac n’ cheese pie at Murray’s Food Store in Prahran.
  10. Tapioca crisps with poke, avocado and yuzu from Hana.
  11. Vaporetto’s lamb ragu gnocchi with salt bush and truffled pecorino.
  12. While we’re on gnocchi—the baked gnocchi from Thirty Eight Chairs is off the chain.
  13. Uncle Tetsu’s iconic Japanese cheesecake. Fluffy, wobbly and bloody delicious.
  14. Supernormal’s lobster roll. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  15. Paper Plate’s Imperial Spring Rolls (aka the best spring rolls in Melbourne).
  16. The dense Euro-style sourdough at My Son, Joy (with obligatory butter schmear).
  17. Apple friands dusted with whiz fizz at Jungle Juice in the CBD.
  18. Annam’s out of control fried ice-cream, drizzled in salted caramel.
  19. The karaage chicken at Butcher’s Diner. 24/7 chicken? Hell yeah.
  20. The LA Kalbi Burger at GG EZ, the city’s new eSports bar.
  21. Seafood and saffron paella at La Bodega Des Andres.
  22. The butter chicken at Mukka (basic AF, but bloody amazing).
  23. Eggs benedict on roti with Sriracha hollandaise at Sir Charles.
  24. The smoked brisket burger with mustard at Burn City Smokers.
  25. Ruby red gravalax on smørrebrød at Denmark House in the CBD.
  26. Rac n’ Mac at Smithward (that’s raclette on mac n’ cheese, just FYI).
  27. Ice-cream push pops at Christy Tania’s new gelateria, Glacé
  28. The kulfi ice-cream at Atta in South Melbourne. Almost too pretty to eat.
  29. Fargo & Co’s ‘Grandmother’s Ham’ with truffled potato salad. Sounds weird, but it works.
  30. Scotch eggs with pork and fennel from Good Egg in South Melbourne.
  31. The Thursday night vegan roasts at A Fans Notes. So, so good.
  32. The American cheese toastie at Maker & Monger. Napkins essential.
  33. Rare roast beef baguettes with lashings of Dijon from French Fix on Queen St.
  34. The Fat Jaks burger from Fat Jaks in St Kilda (kind like a Big Mac...on steroids)
  35. A spag bol ‘Bruce’ pie from The Pie Shop, Matt Wilkinson’s new digs.
  36. The bacon and bourbon cheesesteak from Sparrow’s Philly Cheesesteaks.
  37. The weekend bouillabaisse at The House Of Wine And Food.
  38. Tim Ho Wan’s Michelin-winning BBQ pork buns.
  39. Oreo loukoumades with ice-cream from Lukumades in West Melbourne.
  40. You can't go past the salmon poké at DenDeke.
  41. The express lunch menu at Bar Lourinha, perfect if you're keen on getting in and out in a hurry.
  42. Beef cheek and rosemary hash at STN Northcote (order a glass of the Vietnamese cold drip too). 
  43. The whipped cheesecake at Ryne is total dessert goals.
  44. Pork belly is always a good idea, and it's an exceptionally good idea to order it at St Cloud Eating House.
  45. The dulce de leche soft serve from CHE is a game changer.
  46. The Mi Goreng fried chicken at Phat Chicks Fried Chicken will make you rethink where your life is at.
  47. Spam Chips may sound terrible, but let me tell you, they're actually good. Get them at Concrete Boots.
  48. The fried chicken Puffle, from Puffle (who knew?) at the Night Noodle Market was well worth lining up for.
  49. Laneway Greens is now open in Richmond, give their frozen acai bowl a run.
  50. Probably the most indulgent meal we had all year was the salted caramel & peanut meringue waffle sandwich from Common Galaxia.

If this list isn't enough, we've got 60 more Melbourne dishes you should've eaten by now right here.

Image credit: Common Galaxia | Ben Tyers

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