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Burn City Smokers Are Setting Up Shop On The Peninsula For Summer

By Peter Tzimos
30th Nov 2016

burn city smokers

Melbourne's love affair with American BBQ is well-known by now. Flavour-packed spice rubs, sweet glazes slathered on smoked meats, and loaded sides that will do their best to clog your arteries (not that we care).

Well, now you can grab some of the best BBQ going ‘round this summer, with the roving duo that is the Burn City Smokers launching a new pop-up ‘BBQ Beach Boutique’ on the Mornington Peninsula.

Complete with a massive smoker and vintage string lights, Mornington Esplanade’s Counting House restaurant will be transformed into the summer cook-out experience that Burn City Smokers co-founders Steve Kimonides and Raphael Guthrie have always dreamed of.

Think beef short ribs, brisket burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese (of course!) and even a tantalising passionfruit tart to top off after a long day at the beach. You can sit by the sand and help yourself to a bit of sunshine, as well as park yourself on indoor seating if you want to escape the heat.

There’ll also be take-away for those of you in a rush, but for us lazy Sunday beach-goers, this sounds like a perfect pit stop for the whole family.

The boys are also aiming to keep things local, with wines and beverages from the Mornington area, including Mornington Brewery, Quealy Wines, Port Phillip Estate and Crittenden Wines.

The new venue will be open all day long for breakfast, coffee, and BBQ favourites ‘till late. Running from the 16th of December to the 29th of January, this romance was always destined to be short and sweet. But that’s the beauty of a summer fling, right? 

Image Credit: Simon Shiff

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