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Diner en Blanc Is Returning To Melbourne In 2018

By James Shackell
8th Dec 2017


It’s probably the most exclusive picnic in town. Le Dîner en Blanc, Paris’ cult ‘White Dinner’, is back next February for its fourth year running.

If you haven’t been to one of these before, there are a few rules you need to observe. First, book early. The event has become bigger and bigger over the years, and even though there’s going to be about 2800 people there, access is strictly controlled. First invites go out to members and previous attendees...then sponsored newcomers...then the plebs (ie. the rest of us). You have to pop your name down on a wait list and hope for the best.

Dress code? Elegant and ‘white only’ (that’s the ‘en Blanc’ bit). The table settings will be white. The food will be white. And they’re only serving champers and white wine. No BYO and no beer, soz.

Next year’s location is top secret (a Dîner en Blanc tradition). If you’re lucky enough to score a spot, you’ll meet at an assigned departure location and be escorted to the picnic by an official volunteer. Guests need to bring a table, with a white tablecloth, and a picnic basket with all your (strictly white) picnic food. There’s a catered basket available on site if you don’t want to bring your own.

Le Dîner en Blanc has become a bit of a global juggernaut since it launched in Paris in 1988. It’s celebrated on six continents every year and drags in over 10,000 hungry picnic-goers.

The Details

What: Le Dîner en Blanc
When: 24 February 2018
For more info, click here.

Image credit: Le Diner en Blanc 

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