Drop EVERYTHING! Sephora Has A Huge Online Sale On Right Bloody Now

By Jessica Pridmore - 23 Aug 2018


Beauty junkies, this’ll make your day; cosmetic big wigs Sephora have announced a mega 50% off sale. And it’s online right. Bloody. NOW!

Get your bargain hunting mitts on the likes of BECCA, Tarte, 3CE, Anastasia Bevery Hills, Bite, including Sephora's own line—and that’s just for starters. The best bit? Prices start from $2.50!? For your fave brands! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? My heart is literally racing just writing about it…

So, go forth and fill up that digital shopping bag, my cosmetic qweens. Because is there anything more satisfying than a flipping huge beauty splurge one week out from pay day? Hell to the no!

Check out Sephora’s August sale right here.

Image credit: Sephora

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