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Every Mini Golf Course In And Around Melbourne

By Ioana Dragnef
11th May 2019


No matter if you’re four or thirty-four, mini golf will always have a special place in your heart, primarily because it reminds you of a simpler time when your mum paid for everything, but also because miniature stuff is the best.

We’ve put together a list of all the mini golf courses in and around Melbourne that you can throw your money (and patience) at this weekend.

Holey Moley


To be honest, you don’t really need to read on after Holey Moley, because nowhere else features two levels of elaborate Willy Wonka-themed indoor putt putt golf courses and a fully-equipped bar serving up Teeyonce Knowles cocktails. This new late-night hang is about as Melbourne as they come, minus the avocados.

Glow Golf


What we love most about Glow Golf isn’t the fact that it’s the smallest mini golf course in Australia, or that all eighteen holes take place under UV lighting, it’s that it only costs fifteen buckeroos to play. You should also know that they’ve got their own bar called Le Bar Europeen. Ooh la la.

Yarra Bend Golf


Yarra Bend Golf’s Adventure Mini Golf Course features two 18-hole courses set amidst some cracker parkland views and the Yarra River, plus it’s only a ten-minute drive from the CBD. Each course takes between 45 - 60 minutes to play and can be followed by a drip or a nibble at their in-house cafe.

Latrobe Golf Park


Latrobe Golf Park features its own Adventure Mini Golf courses, set to either a lake or desert theme and with a whopping eighteen holes a piece. The best part is that if you play both courses, you’ll get the second half price, which means if you walk away after one, you obviously couldn’t see a great deal even if it putted you in the face.

Heathmont Golf Park

Bayswater North

Heathmont Golf Park’s swanky little outdoor 18-hole mini golf course is set amongst some stellar native trees and plants which will make for a ripper Insta background. Though the course itself may be a bit of a drive from the CBD, let’s be honest - no one actually lives in the CBD so quitchya bitchin.

234 Fun Galore


234 Fun Galore’s indoor mini golf course also features eighteen holes and a host of physical and psychological obstacles that’ll challenge your agility and your mind. To top it all off, you can get stuck into a round of Go Karting or laser tag once you’ve been dubbed ‘Mini Golf Champion & Overlord’.

Sunshine Golf Club


Get out of the city and head west (for a change) to Sunshine Golf Club’s 18-hole outdoor course. The folks there are not only kind enough to signpost the difficulty of each hole but also price the whole course at an affordable $14 a round.

Dingley Village Adventure Golf

Dingley Village

The Dingley Village Adventure Golf mini golf course is not only a mouthful to say, but probably the most OTT mini golf course you’ve ever seen. You can choose between either ‘The Chasm’ - an indoor multi-level building with a water wheel, or ‘The Creek’—an outdoor course centred around a stunning lake. Each course is a full 18-holes and promises to challenge even the most accomplished mini golfers.

Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

Oakleigh South

Set in Castle Putt-A-Lot, Sidetracked Entertainment Centre’s medieval 18-hole course features themed holes such as Merlin’s Chamber, The Wishing Well and Excalibur’s Sword, as well as a host of exciting effects and deceptive optical illusions that’ll confuse the hell out of you, no matter how old you are.

Wetlands Golf 'n' Games


Wetlands’ two-hole courses provide a challenge for players of all ages, and with an outdoor and undercover course, you can play whenever, rain or shine. They also have an arcade and a cafe, so you can easily spend the entire day there without even realising it.

Maroondah Golf Park

Chirnside Park

Maroondah Golf Park has 36 holes (2 courses) of adventure golf, with extensive landscaping and building level to really give your date a run of their money. Plus, you can win a prize if you have one of the ‘lucky scores’ or somehow manage a hole in one.

Sandy Mini Golf


Only twenty kilometres from the CBD is Sandy Mini Golf, a professionally landscaped 18-hole course where you can choose from one of three holes per green, based on your own ability. You can also knock off afterwards for a drink and a bite to eat at their in-house cafe.

If mini golf's not your thing, here's everything else to do in Melbourne right now.

​Image credit: Holey Moley

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