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Every Wine You Need To Drink This Summer

By Rachel Lay
29th Nov 2017

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Look, if we said that beach trips and warmer weather were what we’re looking forward to the most this summer... we’d be lying. It is (and always will be) the perfect excuse for wine.

Not gonna lie though, we don’t know as much as we think we do about wine, so we teamed up with the experts at Grant Burge Wines to shine some light on what wine you should be drinking this summer (we’re really good at the actual drinking part, though).

#1 Rosè

Ahh, rosè, where have you been all our lives? This light colored drop first started popping up in our feeds a few summers ago and it looks like it’s here to stay which we’re really happy about. It’s the perfect mix between a white and a red. It’s also the perfect wine to kick an event off with and you can finally say to your friends “oh yes, I drink wine now” so you don’t feel bad about always itching for a vodka lime soda. If you’re ready to take your love affair with rosè to the next level, we suggest trying a sparkling rosè?

Our pick? The award-winning Croser NV Rosè, for when only pink will do!

#2 Sparkling Wine

Surprise: Australia is home to some of the best goddamn sparkling wines in the world. Tasmania is absolutely killing in the sparkling wine game, FYI. That means now is the best time to pop the cork on a local drop because it’s waaaaay more accessible (and easier on the wallet, too!). If, like us, you’re only just opening the door on Australian sparkling wine and think ‘heck’ when standing in the bottlo, let us suggest either the Tasmanian award winner House of Arras Brut Elite or, Yarra Social (a newbie from Yarra Burn) which are the elegant answers to sparkling wine. 

#3 A Crisp White

A crisp white in summer makes our hearts sing with happiness. Whether it’s sitting by the pool sipping a big ol’ glass or having a ~sophisticated~ wine and cheese night (our two great loves), white wine is the instantly cooling and always refreshing bevvie we need. If you’re looking to graduate from sauvignon blanc then look no further then a nice riesling (Grant Burge does a killer one) or chardonnay. Still fruity but a touch more mature, it’s the perfect summer drank to keep you feeling on top. Life hack: if you like to throw a couple of ice cubes in your vino but don’t like it watery, then use frozen grapes instead. You’re welcome.

#4 A Lighter Red

For those who just can’t part with red wine in the hotter months, we feel you. That’s why we suggest trying a lighter red like pinot noir (pro tip: it’s a silent ‘t’) compared to full-bodied reds like merlot and cabernet sauvignon because you can drink it chilled. WHAT KIND OF AMAZING WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN? Summer = sorted because now you don’t have to forgo your favourite ruby bev OR die in the oppressive summer heat. Throw it in the fridge for half an hour and you’re good to go. 

Feeling in the mood for a vino now? Be sure to check out Grant Burge’s range of wines.

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