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Fact: If You Drink Gin You’re Sexy AF

By Simone Jovel
27th Nov 2017

humpybong gin distillery

We’re willing to bet that you feel dead sexy after a few gins (or five), and now thanks to science we can confirm you are in fact sexier than when your drinking your soy flat white with one.

How do we know this? It’s simple really—because science. Medical journal BMJ Open studied 30,000 lovers of a good time and proved gin drinkers are damn sexier than the rest. 

We know, we could have told them this especially come 5pm on Fri-yay, but allow us to break this down even further for you. Drink spirits and you’ll feel energetic, confident and sexy. ‘Nuff said really, we were already convinced.

 All we’ll say is thank the gods some legend came up with a gin advent calendar

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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