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Golden Gaytime Stout Is Here And It’s Delicious

By Ben Tyers
10th Nov 2017


Last week we had the privilege or ordering and trying a beer called Golden Stout Time, a beer that promised to have tones that hark back to the Golden Gaytime you enjoyed as a child, and the Golden Gaytime Sanga or Unicorn that you’ve probably enjoyed this month.

South Australian brewer Big Shed Brewing brews Golden Stout Time along with many other beers in their core range, from the Kol Schisel, the F Yeah American Pale Ale, and the ultra-hoppy Californicator amongst others.

We got in touch with Craig from Big Shed Brewing to find out a bit more about Golden Stout Time.

What gave you the idea to brew a Golden Gaytime themed beer?

“The idea came from watching a cooking show where one of the contestants made a ‘deconstructed Golden Gaytime’. I looked at the ingredients and thought that maybe the flavours could be tasty in a stout. It was coming up to GABs (Great Australian Beer Spectapular) and we wanted an idea for our festival beer. This ended up being that beer. It was tasted the 1st time there and it went mental. We’ve been making it ever since.”

What sort of food should we be drinking it with?

“If goes really well in a float, but needs good quality vanilla ice cream. It also makes a mean brownie. I normally have it on its own as it’s a drink and dessert all in one.”

What time of year is best to enjoy it?

"Being a stout lots of people prefer it in the winter time, but personally the summertime flavours and the memories they bring back lend themselves to warm nights with friends."

You can find out more about the Big Shed team via their website, or their Facebook page.

Image credit: Oliver Wendel

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