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The Biggest Inflatable Boating Event In The Southern Hemisphere Is Coming

By Millie Lester
6th Dec 2016

You can stop sucking up to your rich friends with heated outdoor pools, because the hugely popular inflatable river paradise that took Melbourne by storm earlier this year is returning to the Yarra for another summer of inflatable fun, and this year they’re kicking it up a gear.

Supported by Melbourne Water, Inflatable Regatta will take place on Saturday, February 11 next year and will feature not 500, not 600, but 1000 inflatable dinghies—officially making it the biggest inflatable boating event in the southern hemisphere.

For the first time, the inflatable paradise will also feature a floating stage, which will play host to a smorgasbord of live music from local bands throughout the day.

So let me recap this for you–you buy a ticket, you turn up on the day, they give you everything you need, and then they set you off down the river where, for two hours, you forget about all the kilos you put on over Christmas and just soak up those summer rayz—while of course a band plays killer tunes to you as you float two kilometres down the river.

Enough said.

Tickets can already be purchased via the website for either $60 (single boat) or $110 (double boat) and include things like the actual boat (like, you can keep it), a set of oars, a life jacket, sunscreen, bottled water, and a bailer (to get any water out of your boat). The event sold out last year, so get it quick to avoid disappointment (and tell those rich, pool-owning friends where to stick it).

For more info and tickets, head to the Inflatable Regatta website.

Image Credit: The Urban List

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