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The Must-Try Skin Treatment for Glowing Skin

By Iro Kotsimbos
5th Mar 2015

Listers, there’s a particular skin treatment that we’ve become obsessed with of late. A treatment that promises to blitz lacklustre skin, kick dryness to the curb, and smooth any bumps, resulting into the type of model-worthy skin we’ve always dreamed of. The treatment in question? The chemical peel.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking a chemical peel sounds a little freaky, and it’s quite likely that disastrous ‘Samantha gets a peel’ scene from Sex & The City is playing in your head. But we’re here to tell you, Listers, that those days are long gone. In fact, the chemical peel is THE facial treatment of 2015!

And some of the best chemical peels in Melbourne come from our go-to girls at Take Off Skin & Body. The North Melbourne beauty salon has long had a reputation for providing some of the best skin treatments and facials in Melbourne; however, it’s their chemical peel that we are in L.O.V.E with. Why? Because this bad boy delivers the goods—smooth, glowy, plump skin with minimal down time.

Erin, director of Take Off Skin & Body, admits the chemical peel has gotten an undeserved bad rap over the years. ‘Skin peels used to be thought of as harsh and visibly damaging to the skin—that couldn’t be further from the truth! Nowadays, chemical peels have been formulated to be a lot more gentle and sooo much more effective.

‘The benefits of regular chemical peels are many; they’re great for resurfacing and hydrating the skin, and can help treat a wide range of skin concerns from pigmentation and oiliness, to dryness and dehydration. We find more and more that clients are enquiring specifically about chemical peels, rather than regular facials.’ We don’t blame them—we’ve tried chemical skin peels for ourselves and, man oh man, the results speak for themselves. 

The best part about Take Off Skin & Body’s peels? Every treatment is specifically chosen to suit the client’s skin needs, using a combo of lactic, salicylic or fruit acids (don’t be scared of the ‘a’ word…trust us, it works!), with active ingredients such as Vitamins A and C. In short, this skin treatment is a potent cocktail of active and effective skincare ingredients.

Luckily, the vast majority of skins can benefit from chemical peels. ‘We offer a variety of peels at Take Off Skin & Body, the Aspect Lactobotanical Peel and O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Pumpkin, Pomegranate and Bio-White Peptide among them, so the great news is there is something for everyone!’

Before you jump on board the chemical peel train, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Stay out of the sun (and make sunscreen your BFF), don’t expose yourself to heat or hot showers for 24-48 hours afterwards, and make sure you follow up with the appropriate home care after your appointment—after all, you want to make sure your babe-worthy skin sticks around! 

(Editor’s note: Not sure what products to use? Don’t fret. Take Off Skin & Body offer complimentary skin consultations so they’ll be able to sort out your questions!)

By now you’re probably shouting ‘Peel me!’, so do not miss this next bit. Take Off Skin & Body are offering an ahhhhmazing special on chemical peels, Melbourne beauties! For the month of March—you can purchase any four peels (your therapist will advise which is best for you), plus home care to prep and two LED light therapy or microdermabrasion upgrades for a sweet $399. 

Interested? Don’t play coy with us, we so know you are. Take Off Skin & Body are ready and waiting to help you achieve babe-in’ skin—all you’ve gotta do is call them on 03 9326 6894 or book online today.

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Image Credit: Girl in the Lens

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