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See Red With The Release Of Larrikin’s Very Wintery Cherry Gin

By Ben Tyers
18th Jun 2019


The best thing about gin is that you can enjoy it at any time of the year. Perfect for those summer afternoons by the bay, and is equally at home when you’re sitting by a roaring fire in the middle of winter.

Kilderkin Distillery is a small distillery based in Ballarat, and they’ve just made your winter gin consumption event more cockle-warming with the introduction of their new gin—Cherry Lush.

Morello cherries are the hero behind this new brew, offering a dark colour, and a dry tart flavour.

This ruby red gin is bottled at 28%, so it’s got a reasonable kick to it, and it open to you giving it a crack either straight or mixed.

All cherries were sourced by the Larrikin team from Red Hill Cherry Farm on the Mornington Peninsula, making the Cherry Lush a local affair.

You can pick up a bottle of Cherry Lush from A bottle will set you back $85.

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