Melbourne’s Best CrossFit Studios

By Ella Pleasant
12th Mar 2014

We've squat jumped, sumo deadlifted and swung our kettlebells all around town to bring you the very best CrossFit studios in Melbourne. Boy, are we pooped!

For those who aren't familiar with CrossFit, the discipline incorporates weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance activities. WODs ('Workout of the Day') are comprised of various functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, lifting and running) executed at a super high intensity. In summary: it's a mean whole-body workout that'll get you fit FAST.

It's also designed for universal scalability, so whether you're an armchair athlete or seasoned squatter, CrossFit is for you!

Let's talk diet for a second. CrossFitters everywhere have been making like cavemen and eating a diet rich in meat and vegies, nuts and some fruit, little starch and absolutely no processed sugar. It's called paleo, and CrossFit and this style of eating go hand-in-hand like bacon and, well, basically everything.

Check out our beginner's guide to Paleo, then sink your teeth into one of Melbourne's top 11 paleo dishes.

So, without further ado, here's our guide to the best places to do CrossFit in Melbourne.


CrossFit CBD
Smack bang in the centre of Melbourne CBD, this rooftop gym is a favourite spot of office workers looking to get their muscles pumping after a long day behind a desk. They've got killer instructors, a close-knit community and heaps of CrossFit equipment…but who am I kidding? They had me at rooftop. Class sizes are capped and the sessions are popular, so make sure you book in to avoid missing out on a rooftop CrossFit sesh!

CrossFit CBD | 111 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne

Vault Performance
Our CrossFit loving readers included Vault Performance as one of their faves, and it's easy to see why! Located in the old ANZ bank vaults, it sure is a darn cool spot to get your sweat on. There are different types of memberships available to suit all lifestyles and experience levels, including an unlimited membership (includes unlimited access to CrossFit, Mobility, Strength, Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting), a three-class per week membership, an 'On-Ramp' membership for beginners, and a 'Transition' membership (for those who need a little extra help with the basics), plus casual classes. Phew! No excuses, people.

Vault Performance | 224 Queen Street in Melbourne


CrossFit Victoria
CrossFit Victoria was the first CrossFit affiliate registered in the state, the third registered in the country and one of the first 60 worldwide. Yep, they've been at the forefront of the CrossFit craze for quite some time now! Alongside their sweat-soaked classes, they offer tailored private training and small group training – a great option if you have specific goals, need to work on an injury or you're just after some closer attention from the spunky instructors. They can also train you up in Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics and sports conditioning. What's more, they're located right next to Industry Beans (post-WOD long blacks, anyone?)

CrossFit Victoria | 2/62 Rose Street in Fitzroy

Charge CrossFit
Located in Northcote, Charge CrossFit is a favourite spot for northsiders looking to squat, pull and swing their way to superior fitness. In addition to access to the usual CrossFit equipment and qualified instructors, you can also tap in to Charge Crossfit's 'Paleo Mum' and her extensive knowledge of delish paleo dishes. Her weekly tried-and-tested caveman creations are sure to dampen cravings for old favourites. Paleo lemon tart? Drool!

TUL note: For a post sesh snack, check out TUL's I-can't-believe-it's-not-dairy hot choccie recipe. Yummo!

Charge CrossFit | 19 Arthurton Road in Northcote

CrossFit Turmoil
Are you a die hard CrossFitter? Just can't get enough of those kettlebell swings? Well, crazy person, you're in luck! This Coburg North box offers an unlimited monthly membership, where you can swing to your heart's content at the 20+ scheduled classes per week. Group sweat sessions not for you? CrossFit Turmoil offers a personal coaching service that includes an individualised program design that can be completed remotely, face to face or a mixture of both. Perfect for busy bodies!

CrossFit Turmoil | Unit 18, 9 Dawson Street in Coburg North

CrossFit Collingwood
This Collingwood box offers a fundamentals class for beginners, WODs and personal coaching for those after some one-on-one. What really makes them stand out is their nutrition service – they'll set you up with a 12-week paleo program personalised to your wants and needs. By tackling both exercise and diet, you'll be on your way to a bangin', strong bod in no time!

CrossFit Collingwood | 75 Cromwell Street in Collingwood


Schwartz's CrossFit Melbourne
Our health-nut marketing manager swears by Schwartz's for the friendly and professional coaches. Not only are Ben Schwartz's team dedicated to improving your fitness and making you look good in the nuddy, they'll also help you improve your strength, balance, timing, body awareness and flexibility. Stuff we all need more of! What's more, they offer a CrossFit Youth program for 12 to 17-year-olds keen to get fitter, stronger and healthier, or excel in their chosen sport.

Schwartz's CrossFit Melbourne | 904 Glen Huntly Road in Caulfield South

CrossFit 3000
Are you a CrossFit newbie? The friendly folk at this South Melbourne studio would never throw you into a group class without giving you proper coaching on technique, safety and scaling first. That's why, after your complementary CrossFit intro session, you'll complete 10-12 private training sessions with a dedicated coach that'll give you the low-down on technique and make sure you're fit enough to join the group classes. Meaning you'll go in prepared, fit and raring to lift! 

CrossFit 3000 | 82-86 Clarke Street in South Melbourne

CrossFit Balaclava
Knowing that trying a new workout class can be intimidating, CrossFit Balaclava offers introduction classes that give people of all fitness levels a taste of CrossFit. These classes include careful instructions on basic movements, a short CrossFit workout based on the movements, and a little spiel about the CrossFit exercise and nutrition philosophy. Everyone new to CrossFit must take at least three of these classes before they jump into the group fitness classes to ensure they get the most effective (and safest) workout possible.

CrossFit Balaclava | 16-20 William Street in Balaclava

CrossFit Deux
Looking to take your CrossFitting to the next level? CrossFit Deux, while offering regular WODs, is also home to Walker's Barbell Club – a supervised 2+ hour session for sweat-heads looking to train for extended periods. These sessions are designed for athletes looking to compete in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting or Power Lifting. A die-hard CrossFitting friend assures us these sessions aren't for the novice (or faint-hearted!)

CrossFit Deux | 201 Ferrars Street in South Melbourne


CrossFit Ringwood
The CrossFit Ringwood gym is not fancy, and they're darn proud of that.  Workouts are old school, comprising of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gymnastic movements, running, jumping, and the occasional odd object.  Using these tools in natural, functional movements at a high intensity will have you feeling strong and looking lean and mean in no time. CrossFit Ringwood also offers up kids' classes for junior athletes, as well as mat pilates for those looking to shake up (or stretch out) their workout routine.

CrossFit Ringwood | 24 Summer Lane in Ringwood

CrossFit Hawthorn East
Their 90-minute CrossFit 101 workshop, which is compulsory for all new members, is the perfect intro to CrossFit, teaching you the fundamentals of key movements and how to scale them to your current fitness level. Once you've completed the session, it's time to sweat it out at one of the many WODs timetabled throughout the week, including after work hours and Saturday mornings. CrossFit Hawthorn East also offers CrossFit personal training, allowing you to work with coaches to reach your fitness goals faster, or focus on a particular skill or technique you'd like to improve.

CrossFit Hawthorn East | 9 Montrose Street in Hawthorn East


CrossFit U West Melbourne
Westside UrbanListers tell us CrossFit U West Melbourne isn't your average run-of-the-treadmill gym. You won't find lines of fancy equipment here, only barbells, pull up bars, gymnastic rings, plyometric boxes, skipping ropes and a few sticks of chalk. There are no iPods either – they put together playlists and blast 'em loud during workouts. What's more, all classes are restricted to 10 athletes per coach to ensure that everyone gets heaps of attention. Winner!

CrossFit U West Melbourne | 92 Rosslyn Street in West Melbourne

CrossFit Westgate
While in the session, 20% of the time will be spent learning about both exercise and nutrition from your dedicated coaches. The rest of the session will be full of pushing, pulling and puting into practice what you learnt at the start of the class. It's exercise for your brain and biceps (who are we kidding? ALL muscles will be aching the next day!).

CrossFit Westgate | 1/60 Albemarle Street in North Williamstown

TUL Note: Melbourne-based writer Ella Pleasant is a lover of cheese, wine and all things utterly delectable. The only thing she enjoys more than eating and drinking is boasting about her culinary finds online.

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