Melbourne’s 7 Best Brunch Spots with Berocca

By Clare Acheson
27th Mar 2015

Hangovers. We’ve all been there—waking up with a mouth like sandpaper and a banging headache after a little too much party juice the night before. In my 27 years gracing this good planet, Listers, I’ve probably been there more than most, which is why I’m a devotee to the gods of that vitamin/electrolyte/magic orange dust tablet of glory, the MIGHTY BEROCCA. Hell, I once even contemplated putting a Berocca in a Diet Coke for that vitamin-caffeine double whammy (thank God I never actually did).

So, Listers, when you’re next suffering from self-induced sickness, think of this article as my own personal gift to you—researched through a life-long love affair with booze, early morning meetings and that failsafe Berocca bounce. Without further ado, here’s 7 of Melbourne’s best cafes for hangover brunches that also serve the effervescent water of life.


South Yarra

Grab your largest designer sunnies and your comfiest pashmina and head to Entrecote in South Yarra—one of Melbourne’s best brunch spots for seeing out a hangover in style. And hey, if the Berocca doesn’t do the trick, they serve Mumm NV champers too…might as well get back on that wagon, hey?

Pair with…the brioche breakfast roll. It’s the most posh bacon, egg and cheese sandwich you’ll ever eat, so even if you feel rough as hell you’ll be eating like a king.

Bluebird Espresso


Bluebird is an unassuming café on Collingwood’s Johnston Street. As well as doing some of Melbourne’s best breakfast dishes (harissa eggs, yes please), they’ve usually got some awesome seasonal specials and do a great flat white. A solid choice for you Northsiders.

Pair with…the steak sandwich if it’s available, then fall into a food coma that’ll see you through your fuzzy-headedness. Sorted.

Auction Rooms

North Melbourne

One of Melbourne’s best cafes, North Melbourne brunch mecca, Auction Rooms, serves up all manner of amazing breakfasts. Its menu includes the sweet, the savoury, the gargantuan feeds and the small nibbles, making it the perfect choice for a group with varying hangover appetites.

Pair with…the breakfast board—a little of everything, so an easy way to avoid that second headache you always get trying when agonising over which dish to go for.



Addict is one of Fitzroy’s best cafes for a foodie start to the day. We’d recommend downing that Berocca stat so that you can get onto the good stuff—delicious coffee and some of the best breakfasts in Melbourne.

Pair with…the potato hash and mushroom duxelles. No, I don’t know what a duxelle is either, but I do know that this breakfast dish is basically carb with caramelised onion on top, and that’s a very, very good thing indeed.

Porgie & Mr Jones


Hawthorn café, Porgie & Mr Jones, takes brunch in Melbourne to the next level with a menu of dishes that come with all the frills your hungover heart could desire. One of our favourite cafes in Melbourne for a group Berocca session.

Pair with…the toasted banana bread, which comes slathered with maple mascarpone, berries, pistachio praline and sliced banana. Natural sugar hit + electrolytes = Yes.

Snow Pony


If, like me, emotions run high before you’ve hit the Berocca the morning after a big night out, the chances are that the word ‘pony’ might be the only thing that’ll get you out of bed. Just one mention of Snow Pony in Balwyn and I’ll u-turn from, ‘Erh ma gawd I can’t even seeeee,’ to ‘OMG amaaaazing I loooove ponies can-I-be-a-unicorn let’s go noooow!’ Yup, it’s the best café in Melbourne to take your hungover friend who’s that person.

Pair with…the smashed avocado, feta, buttered mushrooms and poached eggs. Mash it all together on top of toast and kiss that hangover goodbye!

Friends of Mine


Melbourne brunch institution, Friends of Mine in Richmond, actually do a hangover-specific breakfast that consists of herb and cheese toast, poached eggs, bacon, avocado and spiced chutney, which means you know they’re legit Berocca believers. The best breakfast in Melbourne for hungover Listers on the east side of the city.

Pair with…the obvious choice mentioned above, and lashings of the staff’s sympathy.

Know of any more of Melbourne’s best breakfast spots that serve Berocca? Let us know about your favourites on our Facebook page!

Image credit: In the Taratory

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