Melbourne’s Most Fun Dance Classes

By Clare Acheson
23rd Feb 2015

Dance class. It’s a phrase that strikes the fear of God into those of us who, like me, have little-to-no coordination and a figure that’s more belly dancer (and by that I mean I’ve got belly—enough for a whole troupe…) than ballet dancer. But lately, Melbourne’s most creative movers and shakers have been rethinking the dance class, tapping into everything from wellness to twerking in a new vogue of workshops that have been popping up all over the city.

Listers, we’re in love with this new wave of body-movin’. Nothing feels better than a soulful boogie or a one-two-step. So without further ado, here’s our picks of the most fun dance classes in Melbourne.

No Lights No Lycra

Global phenomenon No Lights No Lycra vies for the title of the most popular dance class in Melbourne. It takes the mantra ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ literally, with the help of a huge soundsystem and some blackout blinds. There’s no instructor, just an hour of genre-spanning tunes pumped into a pitch-black hall full of people who love to shake it out after a hard day’s work. Weekly events take place in Fitzroy, Footscray, South Yarra, the CBD and Brunswick, and watch out for special guest DJ sets when you can freeform to some of Melbourne’s hottest musical talent.

Various locations, $7 per session
For more information, visit the Facebook page

Morning Gloryville

Ever wake up, jump out of bed and think, ‘Man, I really wish I could don some lycra, cover my face in glitter, and head straight to a rave?’ Well, Morning Gloryville has you covered. The group’s early-morning parties kick off at 6.30am until 9.30am and feature three different DJ’s playing everything from pop to chill-out to electro. Perfect for those who love a bit of pre-work disco dress-up, or fancy ditching the a.m. personal trainer but still want to get up a sweat. 

1000 £ Bend, $18-$22 per session
For more information, visit the Facebook page

Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks

Commandeered by 80’s dance enthusiast Jane Fondle (Best. Name. Ever.), Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks runs a variety of hula-hoop and fitness-based dance classes in Melbourne. The group’s Booty Camp is a great way to tone up while gaining some classic dance moves into the bargain. A must for you Listers who love any excuse to pop on a sweatband, neon legwarmers and g-tard, which we’ve just learnt is a g-string leotard…ouch.

Various locations and prices
For more information, visit the website

Deep Soulful Sweats

If you’re more of a free-spirited yogi, Deep Soulful Sweats is your natural Melbourne-dance-class home. Combining yoga with follow-the-leader style dance, the group’s themed quarterly events focus on stretching, breathing and group movement, with some floor work and a yoga nidra thrown in for good measure. It might all sound a bit heavy but, rest assured, these guys don’t take themselves too seriously–their session commemorating Beyonce’s birthday was one of the most fun (if bizarre!) things we did in 2014.

Various locations, pay what you can ($10-$20 recommendation)
For more information, visit the Facebook page


It’s not hard to guess what this class is about. If you’re aim in life is to give Nicki Minaj a run for her money, then Twerkshop is the ideal place to start—the music’s loud, the short-shorts tight, and you’re actively encouraged to drop it low. In fact, the crew behind this booty-shaking 101 describe it as an ‘ex-ass-ise cl-ass.’ Which is pretty much all there is to it.

Various locations and prices
For more information, visit the Facebook page

K-Pop, Hip-Hop and Urban Dance at Passion Studio

Passion Studio is one of Melbourne’s best dance studios for contemporary styles. With classes specialising in everything from K-pop routines to freestyle hip-hop, there’s something for all kinds of pop, hip-hop and commercial music fans. We’d like to note that there are also separate classes for popping and for locking, which means you know these guys are pro’s. One of the only dance classes in Melbourne that's made our list where you might actually pick up a full routine... 

Various classes and prices
For more information, visit the website


5Rhythms is a meditative dance practice developed by dancer Gabrielle Roth in the late 70s, which has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon. With a focus on mindfulness through five different types of rhythmic movement, the two-hour sessions are wonderful for escaping everyday routine and exploring new ways to use your body—perfect for finding your inner chill!

Various locations and prices
For more information, join the Facebook group

Bindaas Bollywood

Grab your bindis and get ready to shimmy onto the silver screen! If you’ve ever watched a Bollywood film, you’ll know how astounding the synchronised choreography is. How do they do it? Melbourne’s own Bollywood school, Bindaas Bollywood, shows you at both kids and adult classes in a variety of locations around the city.

Various locations, $120 for 8 weeks or $17 per casual session
For more information, visit the website


Looking for more ways to work up a sweat? Check out our round-up of killer core classes in Melbourne and get working on shaping up those muscles!

Image credit: Lone Star Parson

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