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Melbourne’s Best Hot Cross Buns | 2015 Edition

By Iro Kotsimbos
11th Mar 2015

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Apart from devouring our bodyweight in chocolate eggs, the best thing about Easter has to be the glorious arrival of hot cross buns. Gosh we love them; everything about their doughy, delicious, spicy, citrusy, glazed and even occasionally chocolate-chip-filled appearance fills us with Easter joy.

It comes as no surprise then, that finding Melbourne’s best hot cross buns is a cause close to our hearts (and stomachs). Last year’s best buns roundup was quite the conversation starter and, never ones to shy away from a tasty debate, we thought we’d get trawl Melbourne’s best bakeries and get scoffing once again.

So without further ado, here are Melbourne’s best hot cross buns for 2015! NOM!

Overall winner…

Rustica Sourdough | Fitzroy

We came, we saw, we ate, and the consensus was that Rustica in Fitzroy is responsible for the best hot cross buns in Melbourne town! Rustica’s delicious buns ticked all the boxes; moist but fluffy and sweet with juuust the right amount of citrus and salt (trust us, it works). Featuring a light golden glaze and a classic cross, Rustica’s hot cross buns were hard to beat.

The best of the rest—in no particular order!

Zimt Patisserie | Surrey Hills

Reminiscent of delicious mince pies, Zimt Patisserie also produced some of Melbourne’s best hot cross buns. These bad boys stood out thanks to their chunks of apricot amongst the rest of the fruit, along with the touch of extra spice. Zimt’s ultra-glossy hot cross buns were some of our faves!

Phillippa’s | Various locations

Phillippa Grogan and her namesake bakeries are famous for their delicious pastries and cakes, so it’s logical, really, that her hot cross buns are among Melbourne’s best. With outposts in the Melbourne CBD, Armadale, Brighton and Richmond, Phillippa’s hot cross buns are a generous size with lots of juicy fruit. Tastes even better toasted and with a smidge (or mound) of butter!

Ancient Grains Bakehouse | Various stockists

Ancient Grains, an all-organic Melbourne bakehouse with stockists around town, were the surprise packet of our hot cross bun taste-off. Their Organic Wholegrain Spelt hot cross buns aren’t your usual suspects, but boy oh boy, they were delicious! Slightly denser than the others, Ancient Grains’ buns were heavy on the cinnamon (which we LOVED) and had big, fruity chunks. So, so good!

Adriano Zumbo | South Yarra

Oh, Adriano Zumbo, can you do no wrong?! The answer is a big hella no, Listers, especially when it comes to Easter treats—these are some of the best hot cross buns in Melbourne, folks! Zumbo hasn’t skimped on size here, so if you’re looking for a big ol’ hot cross bun, this is an excellent candidate. They’re also nice and zesty in flavour, and feature some scrummy bursts of apricot for added sweetness.

Bakers Delight | Various locations

An oldie but a goodie, Bakers Delight have come through with the hot cross bun goods yet again. Described amongst the team as a ‘good, honest hot cross bun’, this bready babe is light and fluffy with balanced, fruity flavours. Traditional yet oh-so-brilliant!

Dench Bakers | Fitzroy North

Dench Bakers in Fitzroy North were another top notch candidate for Melbourne’s best hot cross buns, thanks to their rustic, country-style creation. A lot darker and spicier than others, Dench’s hot cross buns won us over due to their ginormous chunks of raisins that were sprinkled throughout. This would be a total cracker toasted or warmed up in the oven and spread generously with butter—NOMMM.

Fleischer Continental Cakes | Malvern

It’s so important to get the balance of flavours right in a hot cross bun—a task which Fleischer Continental Cakes in Malvern does not take lightly! Well, Listers, Fleischer have struck gold with their hot cross buns this year; they’re spicy yet sweet, and with just enough of a citrusy kick. There are also some delicious orange zest pieces throughout, which the citrus-friends in our office looooved.

Brumby’s | Various locations

One of Melbourne’s best hot cross buns is fruit free? Yes, Listers, yes it is, however it’s fruit free for a damn good reason—because it contains nutella instead! Seriously, chocoholics will love the Nutella hot cross bun from Brumby’s; it features a touch of spice in the bun and is best enjoyed slightly warmed up so that the chocolate goes all gooey. We know, we know, you’re drooling now, right?

Healthybake | Lilydale + Various stockists

Our roundup of the best hot cross buns in Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without Healthybake and their brilliant offering of organic sourdough hot cross buns—they are ahhhmazing! The beauty of Healthybake’s Easter range is that there’s choice aplenty—spelt, wholegrain, rye and even gluten-free hot cross buns—however it was the Spelt Choc Chip variety that stood out for us. Light in texture and with a generous amount of choc chips, this would be a dream toasted with butter!

So there you have it, Listers—the best hot cross buns in Melbourne for 2015! Anyone that we missed? Send us an email to let us know or leave a comment on our Facebook page!

Image Credit: Poires au Chocolat

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