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Melbourne’s Getting A Terrifying Chilli-Eating Competition

By James Shackell
16th Feb 2018


Start carving your chilli spoons—Melbourne’s third annual Chilli Eating Championship is on next month.

Once again, the legends at The B.East are throwing intestinal health to the wind and pitting 24 of the city’s biggest chilli freaks against one another in a do-or-die spice battle. 24 walk in, only one walks out.

These ain’t no Coles birdseye chillies either. The B.East is importing some of the hottest chillies on the planet, with Scoville Scales reaching over 2,000,000 SHU (if those numbers don’t mean anything, it’ll basically be like eating scorpions covered in napalm). The winner gets $500 plus their name on the prestigious MCEC Cup. Seems totally worth it.

As always, St John’s Ambulance will be on standby, and there are pints of milk available up at the bar.

Even if you’re not competing, there’s going to be a special B.East chilli-based menu, hot sauces galore and a whole swag of merch. Plus the guilty pleasure of watching big-swagger Chilli Pros sweat and cry and basically have an awful time.

In your face, Space Coyote.

The Details

Where: The B.East, 80 Lygon St
When: From 12pm, Saturday 3 March
For more info, click here

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