Melbourne’s Top Lunchtime Pick-Me-Ups

By Clare Acheson
16th Apr 2015

Alright, Listers, confession time. Hands up how many of you don’t always take a lunch break. Yup, I can see at least half of you waving at me through your shiny internet screens…We’re all time pressured, amirite? But sometimes you need to take time out for a little pick me up that’ll pay off in productivity in the long run. Want to turn your mood, and your efficiency levels, up to eleven? Here are our top things to do in Melbourne to make the most of that lunch hour. Go!

Enjoy a Steam-free Sauna Session | Sunlighten

South Melbourne

South Melbourne sauna centre Sunlighten is one of our top things to do in Melbourne during the colder months for a lunchtime lift. The private saunas at Sunlighten sauna centre are uniquely steam-free. Instead, they heat your body using infrared technology, meaning you don’t leave feeling sticky or exhausted—perfect if you have to get back to that afternoon meeting.

The sauna centre itself is clean, modern and easy to get to (it’s a stone’s throw from South Melbourne Market), and bespoke heat treatments focusing on everything from pain relief to weight loss take as little as 30 minutes. Book in for your lunchtime treat now via their website and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve just had a holiday in the sun!

Sauna sessions start from $40/hr
Book here

Get your Brows Threaded | Lash & Brow Boudoir


If you want a lunchtime lift that’ll instantly leave you looking (and feeling!) better, having your brows threaded is the perfect pick-me-up. Brow threading at Lash & Brow Boudoir takes a mere 15 minutes, and the in-house Lash & Brow Boudoir team are experts when it comes to shaping your brows to complement your face shape. It’s one of our top things to do in Melbourne if you have glamorous evening or weekend plans, and makes a great gift too.

Threading starts from $18
Book here

Up your Nail Art Game | I Scream Nails


Collingwood nail art boutique I Scream Nails specialises in creative custom nail art. While they don’t do acrylic nails, their speedy mani and polish sessions are one of our top things to do in Melbourne to lift your mood—manicures take as little as 20 minutes and include hand-painted custom designs in a rainbow of colours. Go on, get your nails did to match your outfit.

Manicures start from $15
To book, call 03 8415 1222

Indulge in an Express Thai Massage | Aroma Thai Massage & Skin Care

Melbourne CBD

Nothing beats a good express massage—it’s one of the best things to do in Melbourne if you need to de-stress in a jiffy, and the experts at Aroma Thai make the most of every minute. If you’ve been slouched in an office chair, their back, head, neck and shoulder massage, which can be as quick as 15 minutes, will hit the spot. Been on your feet or *shudder* in heels all day? The foot and calf massage, which begins at 30 minutes for $40, is your saviour.

Massages start from $20
To book, call 03 9044 7940

Find your Inner Chill by Meditating | Headspace


While guided meditation might sound like the sort of thing you’d rather leave to the crusty hippies in Healesville, it’s a great way to relax and regain focus if you’ve had a busy morning. International group Headspace promote modern meditation programs that can take place anywhere, thanks to their app. The Take10 guided meditation sessions are free and are a wonderful way to take time out.

Keen to lock in this pick-me-up every day for a month? Check out Mindfulness in May, which challenges you to 10 minutes of meditation a day. 

Download the app via the Headspace website 
Beginners version is free

Image credit: HerInterest

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