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Supernormal Is Popping Up At The NGV This Summer

By James Shackell
8th Dec 2017


When it comes to pop-up pedigree, they don’t get much better than this.

Next January, Andrew McConnell and his Supernormal crew are officially moving into the NGV...on a temporary basis.

It’s all part of the gallery’s epic Triennial exhibition—10 days and 10 nights of thought-provoking artwork and killer food. 100+ works from artists and designers from 32 countries all over the world, guest DJs, performance artists, booze architecture and a big dollop of culture.

The new pop-up restaurant will be called Natsu (derived from the Japanese ‘natsumeku’, which describes the seasonal change from spring to summer). To fit the theme, McConnell is building a very special seasonal menu. Chefs will be grilling yakitori on a charcoal hibachi grill, there’s gonna be cold soba salads, seafood on crushed ice and a variety of veggo-friendly dishes.

Natsu will also be doing Bento picnic boxes, which you can eat on the NGV lawn. Think pickles, seaweed salads, grilled meat and rice (vegans can pre-order via the Natsu website). 

“In such a beautiful setting we don’t want our guests to be confined only to the garden restaurant. I love the idea of people spilling out onto the lawn in the garden with a picnic and just really enjoying summer in the city,” McConnell says.

The Details

Where: NGV
When: 19 – 28 January 2018
For more info, click here

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Image credit: Griffin Simm | Supernormal Canteen  

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