Pizza…But Not As You Know It!

By Iro Kotsimbos
25th Mar 2015

Sitting pretty on a corner site opposite Station Pier, Mr Lawrence at The London is not your average Port Melbourne pub. Sure, it has a beautiful beachside location, relaxed friendly vibe, and a brilliant drinks list, however Mr Lawrence has taken the Melbourne pub theme and turned it on its head.

Amongst a sea of stock standard pub steaks and parmas, Mr Lawrence stands out thanks to its Middle Eastern inspired menu, crafted by executive chef Ashley Richey (formerly of Chin Chin) and day chef, Ohad Mograby. It’s the real deal here, Listers; think mezze plates with insanely good hummus, lamb kofta, spiced fish with moghrabieh, and tender pulled pork with flatbread, date jam, and cabbage slaw. But I digress—it’s the Turkish pizzas at Mr Lawrence that really take the cake!

Up there with some of the best pizzas in Melbourne, Mr Lawrence’s offering meets our stringent pizza guidelines. The base has to be thin, but not too thin, and perfectly crisp; the ingredients fresh and flavoursome; and the combination of toppings innovative and exciting. Not too much to ask for, huh?

The good news is that not only do the Turkish pizzas at Mr Lawrence meet our ‘best pizza’ guidelines, they far exceed them. From the perfect Turkish dough base, made fresh on site from scratch, to the authentic Middle Eastern toppings, the Turkish pizzas at Mr Lawrence are completely and utterly moreish. So moreish that you’d be a fool just to order the one for yourself; do the smart thing and order a few to share with friends instead.

The Bastourma is a popular choice, with peppers, egg, spinach and goats cheese leaving the crowds drooling. The beef sujuk sausage is also pizza perfection, with the sausages made the traditional Middle Eastern way and bound with spices, rather than breadcrumbs. Add to that potato, olives and fetta, and you’re onto a winner. We also went mad over the prawn, harissa, zucchini, and haloumi, however if there’s one Turkish pizza that we’ve fallen head over heels for, it’s the spiced minced lamb.

That’s right, Listers, good ol’ lamb has won the day and for damn good reason. Simple yet with the perfect combo of flavours, this bad boy features lamb cooked in traditional Middle Eastern spices, mint yogurt and almonds. It proves that you don’t have to include every single ingredient known to man to achieve one of the best pizzas in Melbourne.

While a couple of Turkish pizzas, accompanied by a glass or two of red, sounds like the ultimate dinner to us, the good news is that they’re also part of an epic new lunch special at Mr Lawrence. From Monday to Friday, you can order any small Turkish pizza, a mezze plate and a fattouche salad for a mere $25.50. If that’s not one of the finest lunch deals in Melbourne, then we don’t know what is!

Next time you’re craving a slice, forget the local pizza point; grab your friends and head to Mr Lawrence instead. A relaxing and welcoming space, a location unlike any other, and some of the best pizza in Melbourne? You can’t say no to that!

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Image Credit: Simon Shiff for The Urban List

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