PSA: Melbourne’s Getting A World Record-Breaking Waterslide

By James Shackell
6th Oct 2017


Now we’re bloody talking. The Prahran Pool waterslide was fun and all, but no matter how hard you catapulted yourself down that rusty spiral, you never achieved actual Zero G weightlessness.

Well now there’s a waterslide in Victoria that can.

Gravity Wave is landing this month at Funfield in Whittlesea—and it’s the world’s tallest, longest and highest ProSlide waterslide. Holy mother of chlorine.

Let’s break this down. You launch yourself off a platform 26 metres up in the air, hurtling down 186 metres of tubing at an approximate velocity of 24-feet per second (the hopping speed of the average kangaroo, according to Google). You’ll be powered by 200L of water per second, looping so fast and so high that you actually achieve “complete Zero G weightlessness”.

We weren’t paying much attention in Year 10 physics, but that sounds pretty full on. Maybe save the jumbo hot dog for afterwards...

The Details

Where: Funfields, 2365 Plenty Rd, Whittlesea
When: From 21 October
For more info, click here

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Image credit: Funfields

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