Rumour Has It That Your Boy Ryan From MAFS Might Be The Next Bachelor

By Ben Tyers
26th Feb 2018


Well, bloody hell. Here we were thinking that the fireman of our dreams Cam was a lock to be the next Bachelor, but rumours today are hinting that recent MAFS leaver Ryan is in the sights of Ten’s producers.

Who wouldn’t want to sit back and watch Ryan knock the top off a few Jim Beam cans while talking about life on the farm to a bunch of red-dress wearing Bachelorettes? Hook it straight into our veins.

The good thing out of all of this is that Ryan will be miles away from “d***head Dean” unless the producers want to pull some IRL UnReal stunt and bring Dean in just to blow the whole thing sky high. We’d be happy with even just a cameo from Visionz.

All of this news comes via word from an insider and we know that they are always 100% absolutely on the money. But just to be safe, we’ll take this one with a grain of salt served on the edge of a shot glass filled with tequila.

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Image credit: 9Now

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