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Spam Chips Have Arrived In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers
5th Nov 2017

Potato chips, sweet potato chips, avocado chips, zucchini chips, until now all we could handle was chips made from vegetables—but thanks to Richmond bar Concrete Boots we now have a meaty chip to sink our teeth into, of the Spam variety.

The Spam we’re talking about here is definitely not of the email variety. For those not familiar with Spam, it’s a type of canned cooked meat that was invented way back in 1937 and gained popularity during World War II. But we can’t imagine the inventors ever imagined it being served up in this way.

The Spam Chips at Concrete Boots are one of the best bar snacks you’ll find, they slice the Spam up into potato chip-sized portions, deep fry it to perfection, then served it up to you back in its tin with a side of BBQ sauce.


Find out more about Concrete Boots here.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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