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Batten Down The Hatches, It’s Going To Absolutely Bucket Down This Weekend

By Ben Tyers
30th Nov 2017


If you’re currently residing in a home that doesn’t have air conditioning, we feel you. This heatwave has been hotter than the depths of hell, and if you’ve got the energy to peel yourself off the couch, wring out your clothes, and pick up your phone to check the BOM app, you’ll see that we’re about to cop the mother of all rainfall.

Following a top of 35 today, Mother Nature is about to unleash what could end up as 3 months worth of rain over the next couple of days—which the BOM is labelling as ‘unprecedented’. Oh dear.

Senior weather forecaster Scott Williams told the ABC "This is a very big event, a very widescale event and it's right at the top end of rainfalls that we've seen in Victoria in the last 30 years."

This big ol’ storm is due to hit on Friday night, so at least you should be able to get to the safety of your own home after work unless of course there are a couple of after-work cold beverages in your future.

Don't be that person on the news who drove through flood waters, stay out of the car.

Just in case you do manage to get out of the house this weekend, here are 22 things that you should probably go and do.

Source: ABC
Image credit: Singing In The Rain

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