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The Coolest Way to Colour Your Hair This Summer

By Iro Kotsimbos
2nd Dec 2014

Over the past few months, you may have picked up that we’re pretty damn particular about our hair here at TUL – from cutting to colouring, treatments to styling, only Melbourne’s best hairdressers will do! 
This dogged determination to achieve follicular perfection is a year ‘round kinda thing; however it goes into overdrive come summertime when we’re faced with shindigs, beach sessions and all manner of ‘party perfect hair required’ type events. Top of the summer hair wishlist? Achieving babeworthy hair colour.
Now, we know what you’re thinking. Hours of foils in the salon awaits us. Nuh-uh, not anymore! This party season we’re ditching the agonisingly long salon sessions and booking in to have our hair coloured with Wella, an innovative new way of colouring that involves NO FOILS (hooray!). We’re telling you, Listers, this is set to be summer’s hottest hair trend!
It’s no surprise then that the crew at Anaka have added Wella to their repertoire of hair and beauty services. The Malvern hair salon is home to some of the best hairdressers and hair colourists in Melbourne – co-founders Anna Ntalianis and Kara Layton have years of cutting, colouring and styling experience under their belts, and the rest of the team, including super stylists Lou and Bonnie, are just as fab! If it’s the latest in hair trends you’re after, then Anaka is the place to go!
(Hot tip: For the ultimate pampering sesh, you can book in to have your makeup done too in the ‘Cinnamon Lounge’, Anaka’s ultra girly beauty suite). 
But back to scoring yourself summer’s hottest hair colour…
According to Lou and Bonnie, the magic of Wella is that it allows the dye to be applied to the hair side-by-side without bleeding, which means there’s no need for time-consuming foils in order to keep the colour from straying.
That’s not the only pro about Wella, though! The formula can be applied freehand, giving the stylist ultimate flexibility in order to create that hair colour you so desperately crave (Jen Hawkins, we’re looking at YOU!). The result? Soft, seamlessly blended colour with absolutely no hint of stripey, contrasting tones!
So this summer, whether you’re looking to achieve J.Hawk’s beachy balayage or the super sexy caramel tones sported by Jessica Alba, a Wella Colour i.d session at Anaka should be your #1 choice.


… Say yes to ombre and soft pastels – these are some of the hottest hair trends for summer!
…Make sure the hair colour you choose suits your skin tone (listen to your stylist here, folks!)
…Use a Wella colour saver treatment to lock the colour in and prevent colour fading
…Leave bands of colour in the hair from ombre – maintenance is key!
…Overtone to gold or ash if it doesn’t suit your skin tone
…Push your colour to the point of damaging the hair just for a particular look – if the hair isn’t in tip-top condition, it won’t look good anyway!


TUL Note: Today's List Love post is proudly sponsored by Anaka and endorsed by The Urban List. Our sponsored posts will never be a secret! Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible.

Image Credit: Trend Kid

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