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The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

By Marina Nazario
23rd Feb 2018


Umm, something is definitely up in Melbourne this week. There’ve been some Chinese dragons running around, a snake wreaked havoc in CBD and there’s an on-going sausage festival happening right now.

That’s Melbs for ya.

We had a pretty eventful week in terms of food and...well, more food. Here’s all the news you missed this week. Stretchy pants—on.

  • Toblerone ice cream is here and the Internet is losing its mind (mainly us). Although, there’s no news on when Toblerone ice-cream will be available in Aus. Bugger.

  • Our friends at Terror Twilight just launched an AWESOME new beer garden that we can’t wait to check out. PLUS they’ve spruced up their menu, making it even more drool-worthy.

  • FYI: Fancy Hank’s just revamped their menu, but don't worry, we’re still eying the slow cooked brisket. And the mac ‘n cheese. And the pulled pork sandwich. JUST TAKE OUR WALLET.

  • On that note, Sash also did a little menu-refresher, and it's now offering smaller plates to encourage sharing. (What if we’re not good at sharing?) PS. Japanese chicken nuggets. That is all. 

  • Grab your SO and take a trip to Rochford Wines because they just launched a new pop-up dish for two. We’re talkin’ Szechuan style crispy skin Aylesbury duck with a traditional lotus root and a hot and sour pickled cabbage salad. YUM.

  • St Collins Lane just got a 450kg bronze sculpture that’s the head of a dog atop a man’s body...dressed in a suit...sitting cross-legged and holding a giant, red apple. BRB, taking a few laps around this thing.

  • ICYMI: This Camberwell burger bar is serving a 24k gold burger that’s the size of your head! You need to see this for yourself.

  • Dude, Melbourne is getting a massive new surf park and we're proper pitted. Seriously, Tullamarine just rose several notches in our books. 

  • We made a fortified wine guide for dummies because we thought you should know what it is.

  • Pizza Farro just opened new digs in Fitzroy. So that neck of the woods can nom on some gluten-free pizza. Yasss.

  • Um, yeah, we're a fan of fancy, cheap food. Figo Cantina just launched Margherita Mondays, meaning a marg pizza (not the drink) for 12 bucks. Nawt bad. 

  • Become a member at Lona and snack on half-priced hump days in St Kilda. Don't mind if we do.

  • A new FroYo place just opened on Swan Street and they have VEGAN options. Hallelujah!  

All caught up? Great, now here's everything that's going on this weekend in Melbourne. 

Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White 

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