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There’s A Good Place Trivia Night Happening Next Week

By James Shackell
8th May 2018


Okay all you The Good Place nerds. This is your time to shine.

Do you know how to spell ‘Jianyu-Li’? Do you remember what Eleanor’s job was in Arizona? How did Chidi actually die? If you know the answers to these questions, you’ll probably do pretty well at The Good Place Trivia Night, the latest event from the guys at Jaws.

Doesn’t matter where you live for this one either, because Jaws is running four con-current Good Place trivia nights in Camberwell, Brunswick, Frankston and Windsor (see venue details below).

Teams are capped at 12 people, phones are strictly banned (seriously, just see what happens if you try and Google something during the quiz...) and there are prizes, giveaways and a $50 bar tab up for grabs. Entry is usually a donation of whatever you feel appropriate.

It’s all kicking off at 7:30pm sharp, so get your team rego’s in now. And the result doesn't really matter. As Jason says: you haven’t failed, you’re pre-successful.

The Details

Where: Palace Hotel (Camberwell), Moreland Hotel (Brunswick), Humdinger (Frankston), Windsor Alehouse (Windsor)
When: 16 May,7:30pm – 10pm
For more info, click here

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Image credit: The Good Place

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