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The Inflatable Regatta Hits Melbourne

By Megan Osborne - 15 Mar 2015

inflatable regatta melbourne

Looking for fun things to do in Melbourne? We reckon we’ve found just the thing to float your blow-up boat—the Inflatable Regatta, setting sail along the Yarra on March 28th!

With the tagline ‘We sail inflatable boats on rivers for fun,’ Inflatable Regatta participants will literally hop in a boat, kick back, and enjoy the wet and wild show. 

With legal requirements and logistics meaning some of the finer deets are yet to be locked down, the fun-filled flotilla is predicted to take off in the Richmond area, as hundreds of Melburnians merrily float for the hell of it in one of the pre-arranged boats. $40 gets you an inflatable boat, oars, a life jacket and a plastic watertight bag for the duration of the event. 

Although there is a no-alcohol rule (boo hiss!), due to the huge response on FB, we reckon Melbourne’s Inflatable Regatta is going to be a sight to behold! If you’re not into floating, come down to watch anyway, and maybe have a giggle at those less coordinated. 

Sponsored by The Curio, the Inflatable Regatta was a huge success last year, with a laid back journey ending with a park party. 

If floating for recreation sounds like your kinda thing, then head to the Inflatable Regatta Facebook page to stay updated on ticket releases.

Inflatable Regatta
March 28th
10:30am - 4:00pm

Image Credit: Jon Webb via Flickr

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