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Things To Do On Sunday In Melbourne That Aren’t A Sunday Sesh

By Kate Bartels
26th Jan 2018


We get it. The allure of the Sunday Sesh. Listening to some delicious beats while sipping a Savvy B in the sun. It's probably the best way to spend your last day of freedom, but there are alternatives. Particularly if your bank balance (and your liver) need a break. 

Before you panic, check out our list of 10 things to do in Melbourne that aren’t a Sunday sesh. We promise you’ll still have a good time, and you might even have enough energy for a Monday morning HIIT session. Stranger things have happened. 

Check Out An Exhibition At NGV

There’s always an awesome exhibition on at the NGV. From a Dior showcase to some phwoar art installations, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll leave the NGV feeling at least 11% more cultured and 100% more satisfied. Plus, when you rock up to work Monday you’ll have plenty of artistic knowledge to brag about while everyone goes on about how many Aperol’s they chugged during happy hour. Whatever you do—check out the new Triennial Exhibition. It's a game-changer. 

Catch A Film At Cinema Nova

Melbournians love anything that’s off-beat, so to speak, which is why heading to Cinema Nova is the perfect Sunday afternoon delight. You can catch films from all over the world, and it’s positioned right amongst the hustle and bustle of Lygon Street—so you know a pre-movie gelato is on the cards. See you in Readings, biatches. 

Jump On The Scenic Railway

We bet you didn’t know Luna Park’s scenic railway is one of the world’s oldest roller coasters. (Then again, it doesn't exactly The very mention of the rickety old roller coaster is probably enough to make thrill seekers roll their eyes, but along with a laugh (and the tick on your Melbourne bucket list), you can get some awesome views of St Kilda. Afterwards, take a stroll along Acland Street or plonk yourself in Catani gardens with minimum chips. Watch out for seagulls. 

Walk The Tan

Every true Melbournian is well and truly aware of how bloody beaut the Botanical Gardens are, but did you know that they’re good for more than a boozy afternoon picnic? Yeah, us neither.  A walk around the track will take you about 50 mins, depending on fitness, and you’ll be able to soak up some cool city views to boot. Take a picnic blanket and settle in for a cheese platter afterwards, just remember to bring the active wear. Saaaaah South Yarra. 

Be A Big Kid At Acmi

Battle the kids out of your damn way and have a ball at Acmi. This is basically a museum for all things film, TV, video games and digital culture, and it's always got a new exhibition for you to oohh and aahh over. A Monday headache from too much screen time is better than a Monday headache from too much vino…we guess, anyway.

Go Wild At Werribee Zoo

How long since you've been here—really? Across the west gate nestled in right next to Werribee Park is the very cool Werribee Open Range Zoo. This safari-style zoo isn’t like a regular one, you jump on a bus and are whizzed around an African savannah-type space, checking out zebras, giraffes, hippos and lions just doing their thang.

Watch The Sunset At Rucker’s Hill

We’re almost positive you’ve been over to Northcote for one of their yummo cafes, but put down your turmeric latte for one sec and head over to nearby Rucker’s Hill. It offers a bloody awesome sunset view of the city (we understand why the locals have kept this under wraps). Whoever said you needed to be at a rooftop bar to get a cool sunset Insta pic has just been SCHOOLED!

Learn To Cook At South Melbourne Market

If you're like us, and your UberEATS obsession is taking over your damn life, we recommend heading to a cooking class at the South Melbourne Market. It'll sharpen up your skills. God knows they haven't been used in a while. Pro tip: you should also check out Hola Con Lola, a nearby Paella Cooking Class (yep, you read that right). Includes all the Sangria you can chug. 

Tee Off At Holey Moley

If you haven’t at least heard of this Willi Wonka alternate universe looking mini golf, you better get your Sunday adventuring butt to Holey Moley, STAT! This isn’t your average mini golf—the best way to describe it is very, very Instagramable. There are a ton of awesome cocktails too—and we’re pretty sure we heard someone say it’s not considered a Sunday Sesh till your third drink. So you're in the clear. 

Take A Barista Course

So let's get this straight, we live in the self-proclaimed coffee capital of the world, but most of us don’t even know how to make a decent brew!? It’s a damn abomination, and YOU have the power to set things straight, one Sunday at a time. There are plenty of places that offer up awesome short courses, and they’re tons of fun. You’ll have a new skill to brag about, too. Did someone say latte art?

Catch A Sporting Match

It’s no secret that us Victorians loooove their sport, but when’s the last time you checked out something other than the AFL? There are plenty of other top-level sports on for you to feast your eyes on, from the Australian Open to the Festival of Sails, or jump in and have a go yourself at something more low key. Barefoot bowls anyone?

Go Get A Psychic Reading 

Sounds weird, but we promise it's a lot of fun. Spellbox in the Royal Arcade (the fancy one, just of Bourke St) do daily psychic sessions. You can book your psychic based on whatever you think sounds best—Tarot reading, palm stuff, predicting your future using magic beans. We dunno how they do it, but everything they told us has 100% come true. Not even kidding. 

Pick Some Berries In Country Vic 

Suuuuch a good way to spend a Sunday. Just pick a sunny afternoon, do a little Google research, grab the car keys, and you're off. Usually late summer is the best time for berry picking (it gives the sun long enough to ripen all those lip-smacking raspberries), but the seasons do depend on the crop and location. Check our ultimate guide for all the info. 

 All that exploring is bound to earn you some cake. Grab some at Iki-Jime

Image credit: Holey Moley | Annika Kafcaloudis

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