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By Millie Lester
25th Nov 2016

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This year may be remembered for the ridiculous clown purge, the tragedy that was Harambe and even that time the whole of Tasmania nearly ran out of water, but to all us pre-diabetics, 2016 will always be hailed as the year Melbourne cafés misplaced all sense of self-control and put fairy floss on every nook and cranny they could find—short of the house parma.

5 Lire

North Melbourne

Whoever woke up one morning and decided to pop a dollop of fairy floss on a pancake is a genius, but first and foremost a national hero. North Melbourne’s 5 Lire is not only home to that hero, but also to Buttermilk hotcakes topped with Nutella inspired Semifreddo, Paria Persian chocolate fairy floss and scattered with The Wild chocolate cacao and orange crumble.

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be party pies, but these ricotta hotcakes would be a red-hot second.

Aqua S

Melbourne CBD

Our second national hero is Jennifer Lam, who is the brains behind the fairy-floss-on-ice-cream craze. God bless her beautiful soul and may she have a lifetime of good karma and free parking spaces.

Originating from a single waffle cone in the kitchen of Aqua S’ Sydney store, the fairy floss ice cream trend has travelled the world over, hitting dessert bars in every major city, including little ol’ Melbourne.

Aqua S’ QV Melbourne store is no different, offering sea salt ice cream nestled in a dark chocolate waffle cone, smothered in a cloud of fairy floss and sprinkled with popcorn and glazed marshmallows—it will steal your beating heart

Naughty Boy Café


Carlton’s naughtiest cafe has made quite a name for itself in terms of filling a glass jar with a full-grown man’s bi-annually recommended intake of saturated fats and then painting it in Nutella, but Naughty Boy Cafe is also one of the many Melbourne food joints to have jumped on the fairy floss garnishing bandwagon. Enter the Salted Caramel Instashake.

A culmination of Nutella, sticky date and rice pudding, peanut brittle and butterscotch cream, topped with fairy floss, this bad boy will make sure you never live a day over thirty-five, but by God you’ll die happy.

Image Credit: Naughty Boy Cafe

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