Yes, You Can Find Awesome Tacos in the ‘Burbs!

By Iro Kotsimbos
25th Mar 2015

Lil Boy Blue in Kew has long been one of our favourite Melbourne cafes, what with their quirky menu and neighbourly vibe. There’s not many places where you can come in and be guaranteed one of the best breakfasts in Melbourne (helloooo poached and crumbed eggs!), a killer cup of coffee, AND a swanky, bistro-like vibe come dinnertime. When it comes to cafes in Melbourne, it’s hard to find somewhere that does all three.

But never mind the brilliant breakfasts. Never mind that their coffee knocks it out of the ballpark. Never mind the delicious dinner menu. What gets us REALLY excited about Lil Boy Blue is their tacos.

Now I know what you’re thinking; “You can get tacos in the ‘burbs?”. Heck yes you can, Listers, and they’re some of the best tacos we’ve tried!

First up are the brekkie tacos, a gloriously moreish dish from Lil Boy Blue’s all-day breakfast menu. This morning champion has it all; a fried, perfectly-yolky-in-the-middle egg, Serrano ham, goats fetta, and chilli tomato relish, wrapped up in a soft taco wrap. Aside from the fact it’s got pretty much all of our favourite brekkie items in the one spot, you can order this bad boy all day. Winning!

Come midday, Lil Boy Blue’s lunch menu comes into play and, you guessed it, the taco train keeps on going. This is where things get a little bit fancy—rather than your average beef and lettuce taco, Lil Boy Blue have gone down the gourmet path, with two delicious varieties on offer.

The prawn taco is fresh and flavoursome, with big juicy prawns basted in chilli and lime, before being wrapped with cabbage slaw, smashed avocado, and smoked paprika. If we could eat this all day, we would. 

Lil Boy Blue’s other taco is equally as delicious; tender duck, served alongside corn, mango, capsicum, and chilli salsa. The balance of flavours is juuuust right—while the mango provides a bit of sweetness, the chilli gives it that little kick. 

In true Lil Boy Blue fashion, the friendly team will do what they can to accommodate customers with dietary requirements. For those who aren’t friends with gluten, the good news is that the tacos at Lil Boy Blue can be made with a gluten-free wrap so no-one misses out! 

An unassuming contender for the  best tacos in Melbourne, Lil Boy Blue proves that you don’t have to line up for hours at a CBD Mexican restaurant. Instead, take a trip out to Kew and let the Lil Boy Blue team wow you with their creations.

Tasty as tacos in the ‘burbs? You better believe it, Listers!

TUL Note: This article is proudly sponsored by Lil Boy Blue and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

Image Credit: Simon Shiff for The Urban List

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