12 Types of Students You’ll Find at University

By Albert Cho
15th Nov 2017

12 Types of Students You’ll Find at University

University, a place of education, academia and learning. But also a place of endless people watching! People talk about high school cliques and stereotypes and how they can’t wait to escape that after graduation. But we’re here to tell you that those live on and stay strong...a part of us thinks that they get a little worse! Whether it’s the sudden escape from peer pressure or a life-changing summer break, stereotypes are a big thing in uni and here are some of the top ones you’ll find.

The One Who Peaked In High School

He was head boy at his school, he was popular and everyone wanted to have something to do with him. He starts his new chapter at uni, in another city and guess what? Nobody freaking cares. He never fails to sneakily mention how lit he was at his school in his hometown during first day of class introductions and his jokes and politics are just cringe and outdated.

The One Who’s Looking To Peak In University

These people laid low during their school years and are looking to start fresh and attain the popularity they never experienced. So they come in to their first day of class being loud and extra, doing everything they can to stand out and it's just not a good look. We can all tell how awkward they feel in their own skin and nobody cares about popularity anymore, so please stop.

The Shore Girl

These people stay true to their stripes, skinny jeans and Adidas Superstar’s. You always question why these people are so adamant on owning a MacBook Pro when they don’t need more than half the features on there. But the silver adds to their aesthetic and their parents can afford it so hey, no shade. Speaking of shade, why do these people always have sunglasses on their heads even when they’re indoors or the sun is nowhere to be seen?

The Sneaky Studious

We all know that person who talks about how they’re screwed for the upcoming exam and always pulls off an A+. They stress about how they haven’t started studying or started their assignment when they’ve actually been doing three times more work than you. Do these people get a kick out of adding shock value to the most unnecessary situations or is it tall poppy syndrome? Whatever it is, it’s just weird.

The Boasting Failure

That person who is the first one to give advice on the university Facebook page but never seems to get good grades. They talk about how they’ve already started the assignment which is due in three weeks and end up getting a C and blaming the marking system. Next time this person tries to make you feel crap about procrastinating, tell them to take a seat.

Halls Obsessed

University halls are pretty fun but some people just get carried away to the point where it’s like a cult. They pose with their special hand sign for photos at uni events and scream around their cringey chant. Some people even go as far as location tagging their halls on their Instagram posts just so they can confirm to everyone that they live in the halls.

The Flatties

Congratulations! You flat with your friends, have dinners together and pay rent, just like everybody else! So can you please stop talking about it? Some of these people don’t even pay their own rent and act like it’s such a struggle to get by. Also, how many flat warmings can these people have? They moved in four months ago and they’re still going hard.

Only Messages You For Help

This person is in a lot of your classes, they even sit next to you sometimes but have never given you the time of day. Then the first assignment hand in date gets closer and so is this person! They suddenly message you, start calling you “babe” and act like your best friend so you can spoon feed them an A grade. Helping these people with tips and advice is never enough, they just want you to attach your assignment to them.

The Guy Who Wears A Suit To Lectures

OMG we get it, you’re an intern at a big accounting firm. You don’t need to wear that ratchet, crappy fitting suit to uni every day to show us that you’re gonna make lots of money after graduation. Have these people ever heard of going home and getting changed? Or investing in a locker? Surely these mega corporations have the funds to supply that.

Girls Who Wear Leggings All Day Every Day

They look like they’re gonna hit the gym after class but take a closer look. You’ll realize that they have a full face of makeup that they’ve spent too much time on to just sweat it all off and their gym bag is nowhere to be seen. Yeah, leggings are comfortable but you need to work on your wardrobe if that’s your every-day outfit of choice.

The “Vegan”

They preach about animal rights while munching on their quinoa and lettuce but still like to rock leather and animal tested products without even questioning it. Just because you choose almond milk over regular milk, doesn’t make you a vegan. So log out of your Instagram dedicated to your love for animals and plant-based living and check yourself.

Overdressed All The Time

I’m sorry, but are you going to a party or are you going to class? How do some people have the time to get up in the morning, have a meltdown about uni and then put that much effort in to their appearance? First off, it is way too hot outside to rock a coat and your feet will not thank you for walking to class in heels. 

Image Credit: The House Bunny

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