15 Of The Best Cheat Meals In Auckland

By Sharleen Shergill
18th Apr 2017

best meals in auckland

Ah, cheat meals. You either hate them or you love them. Or…if you’re anything like us, every day is a cheat day!

The big challenge is actually choosing what meal to have. You’ve been so good the whole week and it’s only natural you’d make the most of this culinary freedom. Never fear because we know the feels and have you covered. From milk shakes to doughnuts, it’s time to go nuts come this cheat day!

Casa Del Gelato


FORGET ABOUT A MEAL. The milkshakes at Casa Del Gelato will fill you up for the whole day. You may think you know what a milkshake is but these days it’s allll about the freakshake. Looking like sculptures that should be in a museum, this is the ultimate guilty pleasure. You’ll feel like a unicorn by the end of it.

Big J's Takeaways

Mt Wellington

Head to Big J’s Takeways for a fix your belly will thank you for. The Prima Donna and Mexican BBQ will make you full, just by looking them. The burger patties are handmade and the specials change weekly, so there’s always a chance to try something different. It’s definitely heart eye emoji <3

Corner Burger

Epsom, Mt Eden

Corner Burger know how to do a cheat meal so well, they even named burger after it! The Cheat meal consists of beef patty, beef brisket, fried egg, streaky bacon, Swiss cheese, American cheddar, iceberg, tomato, crispy onion ring, dill pickles, special sauce, tomato relish, Hickory sauce and last but not least, ketchup. HOLY! That’s it. Everyday is a cheat meal kinda day.  

Po’ Brothers


You don’t have to wait for your birthday to try the birthday cake ice cream at Po’ Brothers.  This cheat meal consists of deep fried bao bun, stuffed with birthday cake ice cream and a ton of sweet sprinkles. Other flavours include green tea matcha, salted chocolate and cookies and cream. HIP HIP HOORAY!

Fokker Bros


Get patriotic with a cheat meal at Fokker Bros. We recommend the Kiwi Black Burger consisting of New Zealand Angus pure beef, free range egg, beetroot and kiwifruit relish, served with a charcoal black bun! Oh, and they have banana and hazelnut pasties AND shakes as well. CHOICE! 

Guerrilla Grill

Food Truck

If you ever have random cravings for grilled cheese sandwiches (like us, all day every day) then make a beeline for Guerrilla Grill food truck. Serving up glorious grilled cheese sandwiches straight from their Land Rover, they’ve taken your average grilled cheese sandwich to the next level by adding bacon bits, onion, chinkiang vinegar and brown sugar.

Tucks and Bao


Tucks and Bao they know how to do Asian fusion street food right. Take on the Chairman Bao Challenge for the ultimate cheat meal—just remember to make a booking. Be aware that this challenge isn’t for just anybody. Some foods that make up this challenge are a ½ kg flank steak, home made beef patties, six Chinese pork sausages, chips and a 1100ml Freakshake! Aaaaah! The rest you’ll just have to find out— if you dare.

North Park

Wynyard Quarter

Forget your every day sandwiches and head to North Park for a cheat day extravaganza. Grab an all-smoked BBQ sandwich—brined, slow cooked, rubbed and smoked over mesquite. Or, try a bourbon BBQ-glazed beef brisket with cheddar. You’ll forget what a normal sandwich even looks like.

Cereal Killa Café

Mt Eden

What’s a cheat meal without heading to Cereal Killa? The ultimate way to treat yourself, there’s everything from Killa waffles to classic chocolate Nutella shake. It will definitely shake you up with all that sugar. But ummm, it’s worth it right?

Little & Friday

Ponsonby, Takapuna, Newmarket

One word. Doughnuts. Yeah, you’re probably wondering how can a doughnut be a cheat meal. Well, the babies at Little & Friday are SOOO GOOD, you should order four and your meal is complete.  The must-try is the classic raspberry cream, but hey, there are no rules when it comes to doughnuts so why not just grab all the flavours? 

Burger Boy

Viaduct Harbour

Burger Boy got us feeling like Oh Boy! The Frickin’ Chickin’ will leave you lickin’ for more. Filled with free range New Zealand chicken breast, fresh tomato, iceberg, red onion, hot boy sauce and mayo, this burger has it all. Just add a milkshake and fries and you’re set.

Billy Café


Get historic with your next cheat meal at Billy Café and soak in the views of the Auckland Domain and the Museum. You can choose from their unique subs such as spicy meatball sub, which includes house-made tomato sauce, kimchi, mozzarella, mustard and a side of spicy jam. Or, opt for the nachos, which consist of mince, sour cream, mozzarella, chives, guacamole and jalapeño chilli and topped with Billy cheese sauce. While you’re there why not have some quality doughnut time with a white chocolate, cranberry and Kit Kat doughnut as well!   

MELT by New Zealand Natural

Pop up Quay St

If you love burgers and you love ice cream then the ice cream burger at MELT by New Zealand Natural is for you. It looks too good to eat but trust us, you’ll feel like you’re lying on a cloud, melting away in pure bliss. This is one you’ll want to eat up before it melts (hahaha).

Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen

Freeman’s Bay

You’re bound to find something to make your cheat day amazeballs at Sweatshop Brew Kitchen. Whether it’s the pizza consisting of smoked chicken, jalapeño, Greek yoghurt & spring onion or the picture-perfect pulled pork flat bread made using Sweatshop Brew Kithchen’s own 12-hour Manuka-smoked pulled pork. Here, you’ll feel like you just sweated through a wild workout.

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Image Credit: Po' Brothers

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