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18 Healthy Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

By Tennille Ziegler
20th Jul 2016

With all the health fads lurking around our social media pages these days it’s difficult not to feel the pressure to be a health guru yourself. While some diets are definitely unattainable for most of us (insert raw vegan diet here), we can vouch for the new cafes and health treats on the scene making our lives and wishful fit bods a little easier. 

When 3pm rolls around after your morning of smoothies and salads and your sweet tooth cravings kick in, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our 18 healthy ways to nip your sweet tooth in the butt:

1. Raspberry Cacao slice from The Unbakery. This sensory delight will tick all boxes in the sweet department. Be warned, if you’re not used to rich and raw treats, you might OD and suffer stomach cramps.

2. Banana Chocolate Fudge smoothie from Mondays. Mondays Eatery is known for its insta-worthy smoothies and we can’t help but drool over the Banana Chocolate Fudge flavour. 

3. O-balls from The Raw Kitchen. We love ourselves some o-balls from The Raw Kitchen, not only do they curb our cravings but they also give us a lil energy boost—without all the additives. 

4. The Carob Kitchen Banjo Carob Bears from Wise Cicada. We swear we’re not lying when we say these carob bears are better than chocolate. No joke. Beware: if you try to stock up on these to keep you going through the week they won’t last more than five minutes. We’ve tried. Available from other wholefoods stores as well. 

5. Little Bird Organics Raspberry and Cacao Macaroons. These macaroons have been making waves since Little Bird first opened its store. Whilst we are too lazy to try make them ourselves, we love to indulge. 

6. Dr Feelgood Ice Pops. As described by the team themselves “an ice pop even the healthiest, kale-chugging hipster couldn’t put down”. These ice pops are at the top of our healthy list, we recommend going for the salted caramel apple flavour—it’s rich, buttery caramel on a stick. 

7. Be Good Organics raw slices you made yourself. Now if you consider yourself to be a bit of a masterchef in the kitchen, instead of spending your weekends hungover in bed, try get ahead for the week and make a raw slice from Buffy at Be Good Organics recipes. Our vote is the Ginger Crunch, if you do make it please deliver to our office. 

8. Organic Mechanic Kombucha. While this is not the sweetest sensation you’ll come by, it will give you a zing and pep in your step. This probiotic-filled drink has plenty of benefits and is a much better option than that afternoon coffee you’re about to purchase (don’t do it!).

9. Cocoloco coconut water. Coconut water became a super-power drink many moons ago, and whilst the trend may have died down for fad followers, we still reach for this to cure our hangovers. If you’ve had a big night on the town on a weekday (hey, it happens), or just need something sweet then this sweet coconut water will hit the spot. Studies say half the time our brain thinks we are hungry we are actually just dehydrated, so this electrolyte-filled drink should fill us up. 

10. Date Boats. What is a date boat you ask? Well, let us tell you. A date boat is only one of the best creations we have come by yet. It’s a sweet sensation of dates filled with almond butter, crushed pecans and topped with dark chocolate. If this doesn’t scream hallelujah we don’t know what will. 

11. Kiwifruit Pops. Health duo Julia & Libby made their entrance into the health scene a few years ago, while we find it difficult to follow all recipes, we always use them as a go-to for sweet treats. One of their newest recipes, kiwifruit pops looks too good not to try. According to them, kiwifruits are rich in vitamin C, A, E and K, fibre and antioxidants. So it can’t harm us to add a little chocolate to this health food right?

12. Turmeric lattes. If you haven’t heard yet, turmeric lattes are the latest fad to hit the health scene. And this time, we actually dig it. Turmeric is a powerful medicine that goes back to Chinese medicinal techniques, it is commonly known for its anti-inflammatory uses. There aren’t many cafes offering this yet, but we highly recommend making your own. Just add coconut milk, water, a dash of coconut sugar, turmeric and viola—you have yourself a turmeric latte! 

13. Stewed fruit. The name says it all!  Grab all your seasonal favourites, add some cinnamon, pop it in the pot on the stove and you’ll have yourself some stewed fruit. 

14. Cathedral Cove coconut yogurt. Coconut yogurt is the new favourite dairy-free alternative. We like to add cacao nibs and goji berries (perhaps dark chocolate too) to our little bowl of goodness. 

15. Craft Kitchen paleo donuts. When you have that craving for a doughnut (it’s a daily thing for us), then Craft Kitchen has got you covered for a healthier version. 

16. Nice Blocks. Nice Blocks was started by two guys, Tommy & James, back in 2010. They were on a mission to make healthier ice blocks for kids (so they say), but we think they’re made for adults too. With sugar-free options, locally sourced ingredients and fair trade sugar, not only is this going to make us feel good on the inside but also on the outside. 

17. Ceres Organics coconut chips. We couldn’t leave out NZ favourite health brand Ceres Organics. Always ahead on the health scene, these coconut chips toasted with honey are the ultimate snack. Be careful not to eat them all in one go as coconut can be quite rich and intense on the stomach. 

18. Storm&India tea. We’re suckers for cool branding and NZ companies, so when Storm&India made an entrance to the tea scene we couldn’t help but lust over their teas. With a fine selection of teas we couldn’t choose just one flavour for you so we thought it’d be best for you to decide for yourself…

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Image credit: Little Bird Organics

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