20 Things That Happen When You Move To New Zealand

By Martha Brooke
5th Jul 2016

move to new zealand

Moving can be a scary thing, what with leaving the comfort of your parents for the first time, or simply moving off the couch after watching too much Netflix. Either way, the struggle is real. However, moving to an entirely new country is another level. If you are new to New Zealand and have no idea what Hokey Pokey is, do not fret. It's not a weird dance. Pay attention and take note of these 20 things that will inevitably happen.

1. You're never far from somewhere beautiful. New Zealand will spoil you with Insta-worthy pics.

2. Insulation? Central heating? Double glazing? Don't be silly. New Zealand homes can be cold. Fact.

3. Coffee geeks rejoice! The heavenly liquid may as well flow from the taps. It's everywhere and it tastes great!

4. 'Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody!' Hold on, $12 per shot?! You can get your own, soz!

5. Oh and no more passing out at the bar or under the DJ booth. NZ has very strict drinking laws. 

6. You'll learn to love the All Blacks as your own family. 

7. Or at least pretend to. Kiwi's are sport mad. It'd be handy to know some rules...

8. They're a little behind on English soaps. I could ruin Coronation Street for so many people.

9. Phobia of feet? Get over it. The number of people that grocery shop with naked tootsies will have your toes curling.

10. You're not alone. People from all over the world flock to New Zealand. Who can blame them really?

11. Everyone claims to know someone related to or friends with Lorde.

12. There is always somewhere new to explore. Bored on your day off? Think again.

13. You're pretty safe. Evidence claims that more people die per year playing lawn bowls than scuba diving. Killer sharks, see ya!

14. You'll never not laugh at how Kiwi's say 'deck'.

15. The local culture is fascinating! Be sure to visit Rotorua to learn about the Maori civilisation. 

16. Pineapple lumps, Jaffas, Hokey Pokey. Need we say more?

17. 'Fush and chups.' Said weirdly but boy, are we hooked.

18. You can do sooo much! Skiing, sand duning, hot springs, glacier hiking, whale watching, wine touring, bungee jumping *catches breath*.

19. Not many people live here. You can be the only one on a remote beach and not see another soul. Topless sunbathing, anyone?

20. You won't regret it. Ever. 

Want to get amongst? Make sure you tick off our Auckland bucket list.

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