21 Kiwi Christmas Traditions The World Is Missing Out On

By Natasha Van Der Laan
19th Dec 2016

21 Kiwi Christmas Traditions The World Is Missing Out On

There’s no denying it, us Southern Hemisphere folk have a very unique take on the festive season. Who needs snow, mulled wine and soggy feet when you can polish off a box of scorched almonds and a kilo of sausages with the sand between your feet?!

This holiday season, we’re celebrating all that is unique to this delightful country of ours during Christmas. Here are 21 Kiwi Christmas traditions the rest of the world is missing out on.

  1. Scorched almonds. ‘Nuff said.
  2. You’ll demolish bowls of Bluebird chips paired with the all-important Kiwi onion dip.
  3. There will be a lunchtime barbecue of sausages and chicken skewers.
  4. …Followed by Mum’s trifle and Aunty’s pavlova.
  5. This is—of course—paired with Tip Top ice cream.
  6. Once the worst of the food coma has passed, you’ll play a few rounds of BYC (translation: backyard cricket).
  7. Alternatively, you might be a rugby kinda family.
  8. The youngins will then fill up the water guns and bombs they got from Santa. This will inevitably result in a full-blown family water fight.
  9. You will get countless prickles in the process but that’s okay, you managed to drench the oldies.
  10. The Northern Hemisphere can keep their fir Christmas trees. Down here, the pohutukawa is the nation’s unofficial Chrissy tree.
  11. Gifting your friends, colleagues, neighbours, aunties and uncles boxes of Favourites and/or Roses.
  12. Being on the receiving end of said Favourites and/or Roses. Chocolate all summerrr long!
  13. You’ll leave Santa a bottle of beer opposed to the traditional glass of milk.
  14. There’s an unwritten rule he’ll bring you a bag of chocolate coins.
  15. Santa keeps in summery by wearing shorts and a tee.
  16. There are no ads on the telly.
  17. Coats and boots can take a hike. Christmas Day is spent wearing jandals and sunnies!
  18. The Northern Hemisphere can have their mulled wine and egg nog. We’re all about champagne and cider.
  19. There will be a chilly bin packed with ice and booze.
  20. We don’t have ugly Christmas jerseys; we have ugly Christmas tees.
  21. You’ll end the day with a tan!

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