21 Things You Won’t Realise You Miss About New Zealand Until You Leave

By Olivia Atkinson
16th Nov 2016

21 Things You Won’t Realise You Miss About New Zealand Until You Leave

Kiwis, we’re an adventurous bunch. If we’re not frolicking about in faraway lands, we’re planning our next frolic in a faraway land. But, once we leave our stunning shores, we get hit with emotion like a swift punch in the face whenever we realise that certain things aren’t readily available anymore.

Here are 21 things you’ll find yourself missing about New Zealand once you ditch it.

  1. Calling jandals by their appropriate name. Not bloody flip-flops or thongs.
  2. Good coffee. Y’know, the kind that doesn’t taste like dishwater?
  3. Awesome, independent cafes and eateries that aren’t chain and don’t suck.
  4. Christmas meaning fresh seafood and sunshine, not muddy snow and jumpers that play music. Although they’re pretty awesome.
  5. Enjoying polite and friendly conversations with people that serve you.
  6. Having the freedom to use a public toilet without paying. What the actual?
  7. Not having to justify the delicate and noble art of sausage sizzles.
  8. If you’re in the US…Money that can’t be ripped up and ruined.
  9. Actual beaches. No, the seaside isn’t the same thing, and no, pebbles are not sand.
  10. And beaches you don’t have to share with too many other humans. It’s all fun and games until you’re sardined in.
  11. Pies, glorious pies. ‘Nuff said.
  12. The pleasant and comforting chirping of birds in the wee hours of the morn. You’ll miss it more than you expect.
  13. Mentioning nek minnit, ghost chips and Richie McCoy, and everyone knowing exactly what you mean. 
  14. Toffee Pops, pineapple lumps, Tip Top ice cream, Mallowpuffs…you always miss what you can’t have.  
  15. Kumara. None of this orange sweet potato business, please.
  16. Using Kiwi slang without having to translate yourself.
  17. The stars! Those starry night skies are something spesh.
  18. The mountains, bush, lakes, glaciers and Mother Nature in general.
  19. Cheap Sauv! And reasonably priced Central Otago Pinot.
  20. Being able to drive to the supermarket. Carrying groceries on the tube ain’t an easy feat.
  21. Walking around barefoot. Nothing like free tootsies. 

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