21 Truths About An Auckland Winter

By Bella Askelund
9th Jul 2018

21 Truths About An Auckland Winter

Cancel your Brazilian, stock up on red wine and get your Uggs out, because winter is well and truly here. The chilly season has transformed us into mini couch potatoes as we count down the days until spring—hurry up already! Hot chocolate in hand, here are all the thoughts and vibes that have been running through our minds this season. 

  1. Every. Single. Person. Is. Holding. A. Takeaway. Coffee. Cup—espesh on Pons Road.
  2. Driving home from work at 5.30pm has you wondering if there’s been a zombie apocalypse on the North Western—how is it SO dark?
  3. You will rediscover all the warm boozy drinks. Mulled wine is like a hug from the inside.
  4. Getting changed in the morning involves performing some Matrix acts. Half towel, half jeans...skills.
  5. It’s like Movember...but for women’s legs.
  6. You d-low want to wear a muzzle to work because your colleagues won’t stop coughing.
  7. There will be Game Of Thrones memes. So many…
  8. You will consider wearing fingerless gloves at your desk.
  9. Alty K' Road locals are still rocking their Birkenstocks with their toesies hanging free… HOW?!
  10. "Diet starts Monday". We say every single week without fail #summerbodready.
  11. Running tights and puffer jackets in St Heliers. This trend will never die.
  12. Turns out people love dressing their dogs in jumpers too?
  13. The minimum temperature last night MATTERS. Wow—Wellywood is hitting the negatives!
  14. The only livable part of your house is the small arc of space in front of your heater.
  15. You must say “good for the farmers” every time it rains. It’s the law.
  16. You seriously consider wearing your Ugg boots to the supermarket. Surely they need an outing?
  17. Then you question why supermarkets are so cold in the first place? It’s like stepping into an igloo!
  18. You can spot who is 18 on Fort Street by the bandage dress and lack of winter coat. Kids these days…
  19. Les Mills is just as busy yet every one you talk to swears they don’t work out in winter? LIES. 
  20. Fake tanning is an essential part of your week because looking like Casper just ain't fun. Sorry, Casper.
  21. Pretty sure I now look like Princess Jasmine dipped in milk chocolate. Hmm.

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Image credit: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

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