22 Things Only People Who Hate Going To The Hairdresser Will Understand

By Martha Brooke
16th Feb 2017

22 Things Only People Who Hate Going To The Hairdresser Will Understand

Going to the hairdressers (for some) is a luxurious treat, giving that instant Beyonce sass and L’Oréal ‘because your worth it’ moment. However, for others, taking a trip to the hairdressers, is like walking to the gallows. With so many red-faced blunders and awkward encounters, we wanted to share all of the things that only people who hate going to the hairdresser will understand.

  1. Spending months deciding that four-inch split ends really aren’t that bad and your-badger inspired roots will be a new trend. Soon?
  2. Worrying that perhaps said badger-inspired roots will make you the talk of the coffee room and overall salon gossip.
  3. Entering the salon makes walking into a job interview, the first day of school and climbing Everest in stilettos look like a walk in the park.
  4. Asking for Alexa Chung beach babe bangs means leaving looking like a contestant from Toddlers and Tiaras.
  5. Flicking through the edgy hair mags and thinking ‘who the heck would even choose to look like this?!’
  6. Becoming increasingly anxious when you realise they may choose to replicate these looks on you!
  7. Praying to the hairdressing gods and sacrificing a goat in the hopes they don’t leave you in the hands of a trainee.
  8. Spending the entire time working out ways to drink the water they gave you. Cannot. Reach.
  9. Two words: small talk.
  10. Racking your brain for cool and casual things to say to make it less awkward and end up coming out with ‘ ….
  11. Resembling a Picasso painting that was dropped in the sea after enduring dribbling water in your eye and running makeup during the hair-washing process.
  12. When asked to tilt your head down, feeling your ten chins coming out to play. Not a good look.
  13. Following every single instruction as if your life depends on it. Well, your hair does anyway!
  14. Avoiding eye contact as much as possible with the mirror.
  15. Sitting there pretending that your outlandish and extremely comical hair pinnings would be seen in a Gucci runway show.
  16. Sitting there in foils and all of a sudden feeling a huge amount of empathy for the Christmas turkey.
  17. Smiling and nodding as they try and speak to you while drying your hair.
  18. After both agreeing on how much you’d like off, you are left wondering when they will reach for the miracle serum that can surely glue it back on.
  19. ‘Do you like it?’ Amongst the intense sweating, tomato-esque hue and the unmissable letters N.O. slapped across your face, the word yes, still reluctantly, manages to fall from your mouth.
  20. Leaving unhappy and embarrassed and immediately going all Mary Poppins on your handbag in the hope that there will be one hair tie, elastic band or cable tie at the bottom.
  21. Wondering if ‘trim’ actually translates to a Number One.
  22. Refusing to believe your friends when they say how nice your hair looks as you prepare rations for your three-month hibernation. 

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